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Employee Welcome Kits: 5 Proven Ideas


We've gotten so much positive feedback from this post that we decided to make a video about it! It goes through the 5 Proven Ideas for making your employees feel welcome, and comes with a catchy music bed background for no additional charge. Check it out below, and then read the rest of the post after that!


After spending considerable time and effort searching for, finding, and recruiting the perfect employees, you've finally got 'em!
They're here.
Today is their first day.

So how are YOU going to make your new employees feel welcome?

In this post, we'll show you 5 proven ideas for making your new employees feel welcome with branded new-hire kits, including a way to take work off of your plate AND make you look like a hero at the same time.

If you're a human resources professional, one of your biggest challenges is employee engagement and retention. We get it. The longer your people are with your company, the more comfortable they are, the better they do their jobs, and the more valuable they become to your organization. We know that losing employees is expensive; some studies suggest that replacing employees can cost up to two times their salary.

So how do we keep our best people?

Top experts in human resource management have identified the most important factors influencing employee retention. These include:

  • Job fit
  • Development opportunities
  • Pay fairness
  • Relationship with manager
  • Trust in the company

There are many online resources that explain the ins and outs of each of these factors – there are entire websites dedicated to determining pay fairness – so we're going to focus on the last one: Trust in the company.

Trust is an interesting, nebulous, emotional concept that's very hard to quantify. How do you measure trust? With what units and with what instrument do you measure it? While the Trust-O-Meter 3000 may not be a thing, there actually are ways to gauge the effect of trust in an organization. The Harvard Business Review describes the relationship between trust and two vital outcomes: speed and cost. In a low-trust environment, speed goes down and cost goes up (bad for business); inversely, in a high-trust environment, speed goes up while cost goes down (great for business!). Like those Harvard smarty-pants say, developing trust is "truly a hard, economic driver for every organization."

So how do you generate trust in your company?

It's a legitimate question. The answer, at its most basic is: Say What You're Going To Do And Do What You Said You Would Do. Great idea, but that’s oversimplifying things a bit. Trust is a natural by-product of affinity, that sense of kinship and connection you can create among your employees and with your customers. A highly-effective way to create that affinity right from Day One is with a New-Hire Welcome Kit. By presenting your employees with company-branded merchandise on their first day, you're immediately creating a connection between your employees and the company. You're building trust right from the start.

(Cue the collective "Oh, so that's why a promotional products company is talking about retention and trust...got it...")

Small businesses and large organizations alike can see immediate benefit from making a welcome kit part of the employee onboarding process. Don't worry, it doesn't take a big budget to make someone feel lucky to have joined your team. Everybody loves gifts, so even the simplest of nicely-packaged coordinated items can make a huge impression.

Put a branded coffee mug, a custom mouse pad, and two different promotional pens in a nice box or a bag, drop a handwritten Welcome note in there, have it waiting on their desks and Boom!...quick and easy onboarding kit with an impact that far exceeds its low cost.

Pro tip: Use some ribbon or cellophane or raffia to put it all together. Presentation counts.

So that's a great start. Now, let's dig deeper.

5 proven ideas for making your new employees feel welcome.

Proven idea #1: Make it fun!

Practical is one thing, but building affinity – and ultimately, trust – with your employees involves emotion. Make 'em smile. Put some fun in their welcome kits. Glitter-infused promotional tumblers, boombox-style custom bluetooth speakers, customized half-footballs that bounce back to you...all really cool items to bring some fun to a new-hire kit.

Is anyone a music fan? How about giving them a custom branded guitar? Really. You can do that. No, it's not a budget item, but for the right person...talk about WOW Factor!

Great ideas for Fun Employee Welcome Kits:

Proven idea #2: Don't forget utility

Swag is nice, but if you can include items that actually help them do their jobs...even better. If you're in an office environment, filling the onboarding kit with a branded desk organizer, custom sticky note cube, and a customized journal notebook helps get your new people up and running quickly.

For retail, a customized name badge with custom-printed lanyard and a branded jotter will do the trick. For industrial or warehouse businesses, custom hard hats, branded clipboards, and even safety vests with your logo will keep everyone looking professional.

Great ideas for Functional New-Hire Kits:

Proven idea #3: Add apparel to the mix

If you can get your employees to wear your logo out and about, you're all winning. From a simple embroidered polo in company colors to crisp custom dress shirts to upscale branded sweaters and customized jackets, there's no better way to give your new employees a sense of belonging than by letting them literally wear your brand.

Extra bonus: Giving good quality apparel makes your employees actually want to wear your logo around, providing even more brand impressions.

Great ideas for a Fashionable Employee Welcome Kit:

Proven idea #4: Focus on your industry

The three proven ideas above apply to almost any business, any organization. But you can create an even greater connection if you customize your new-hire kit items to your industry:

  • Tech company? Add some custom earbuds or power banks to your kit.
  • Healthcare? Scrubs, clipboards, or goofy doctor pens: check!

Focus on your industry and give your employees something they're proud to share with family and friends.

Great ideas for putting an industry focus on New-Hire Kits:

Proven idea #5: Take work off of your plate AND look like a hero at the same time.

This all seems great...but it also seems like a lot of work. We get it. Figuring out the budget, deciding what products fit that budget, ordering, unpacking, kitting, organizing who gets what when...it's a lot. So here's the proven-est idea of all: call Pinnacle.


We've got merchandise experts to help you find the perfect products for the kit, ordering experts to help organize the purchasing, and account managers to help you keep it all straight. We can even create custom boxes to put it all together for you. Fewer worries, more pats on the back. It's a win-win….win.

To take it a step further, talk to us about automating your custom onboarding kits; give us a list of people, your budget, and your logo, and we'll handle the rest – even kitting, packing, and shipping! It’s much easier and more efficient for you and ensures consistency across the organization.

So, let's sum up.

Whether you call them new-hire kits, onboarding kits, or welcome kits, they're an effective first step toward building affinity and trust with your new employees, which, assuming you have all the other factors in place, will help keep your people around a long while.

And here are our favorite proven ideas for making your welcome kits a success:
#1: Make it fun
#2: Make it useful
#3: Upgrade and add apparel
#4: Focus on your industry
#5: After you've thought about the other things...call Pinnacle.

We can help you create the perfect onboarding kit that's fun, functional, and fashionable.

So how can YOU make your employees feel welcome?

Visit our Employee Onboarding page for some great product ideas to put together your own new-hire kit, and call one of our Merchandise Experts at 800.351.4226 to get the ball rolling. No time to wait; you've got new hires coming on board.

In the meantime, share some ideas below in the comments...we'd love to read them.

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