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Employee Welcome Kits: 5 Proven Ideas

There’s a ton of information and training that new hires learn on the first day at a new job. When new employees are set to start at your company, a great way to establish rapport is with a new employee welcome kit. Present the newest members of your organization with a special box of company-branded merchandise to say “Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.”

Businesses benefit from welcome kits in their onboarding process. These kits may contain items that increase employee engagement, outline employee expectations, give insight into the company culture, and help new employees get started right away in their new roles. 

You can make a personalized new employee welcome kit with any budget at Pinnacle Promotions. From high-end promotional items to the simplest of gifts, a kit of coordinated products can make a lasting impression on your new hires. 

The Purpose of an Employee Welcome Kit

An employee welcome kit has distinct advantages:

    • Employee engagement
    • Insight into the company’s culture
    • Promotional products that support the job

When members of an organization are happier at their jobs, employee engagement is at a high. Giving promotional gifts is a kind gesture that can drive contribution to the goals and successes of the company. A welcome kit shows new hires that the company is committed to employee engagement, which can provide insight into the company culture and organizational advocacy among employees. 

Items such as pens, notebooks, and desk calendars can help new employees get started on their job duties right away. Consider adding new-hire resources and documentation into your onboarding welcome kit, such as a welcome letter from the team, a supervisor, or president as well as an FAQ flyer regarding important office information your new hires need to know. 

5 Proven Ideas to Create a New Employee Welcome Kit: 

A kit of goodies is a great introduction to your company. There’s a variety of products to choose from to help make your kit a hit with the new hires. Below we have five proven product ideas to include in your new employee welcome kit that will make them feel like part of the team:

Idea #1: Unique Gifts 

Onboarding new hires with unique promotional items and gifts show that your organization thinks outside of the box. Quirky, fun items will make your new employees smile – view our hand-picked favorites, here. You’ll be glad you did and your new employees, appreciative. 

Idea #2: Office Essentials

Office essentials not only help new employees set up their space, but it can also help them dive into their job responsibilities more quickly. Supplying new hires with a planner, branded pens, and sticky notes can help them learn the role, with effective note-taking during their onboarding training classes. 

Idea #3: Apparel

Employees enjoy receiving branded apparel to wear around the office and at company events, but they tend to wear their favorites outside the office. Custom apparel comes in many forms, including polo shirts, button-down shirts, outerwear, and even uniforms. Giving apparel is an excellent way to say “welcome” to new employees. 

Idea #4: Industry-Focused Gifts

Create a greater connection with your new employees by gifting branded items that are specific to your industry. Think of industry-focused items that they can use throughout the day. Something that will help them do their job well is a must! 

Educators and healthcare workers might appreciate a lanyard to hold their ID badge, whereas baseball caps and all-weather jackets might be beneficial for those who work in the elements. This will be seen as a kind gesture, allowing them to work more efficiently once they’ve settled in. 

Idea #5: Wellness Gifts

Gifts that promote health and wellness show that your organization cares about the wellbeing of its employees. Heavy workloads oftentimes create stress, and an outlet where you can reduce stress can do a world of good for employee welfare. Items like a stress ball, fitness tote bag, and a water bottle can encourage a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. 

How to Create a New Employee Welcome Kit for Your Company

Sure, you can do it yourself. Though finding all the right items that make up the contents of your kit can be a lot of work, too. 

Here at Pinnacle Promotions, let us take care of the work for you. Our merchandise experts will help you find the perfect products to add. We’ll work our magic and put together a unique onboarding kit just for you. 

Let us handle putting the boxes together as well as the packing and shipping. You’ll love the efficiency and product consistency across your organization. To learn more about our creative ideas and promotional marketing concepts, check out the Pinnacle Promotions blog


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