Best and Worst Promotional Snacks for the Waistline…

People often claim that their “sweet tooth” causes them to pile on the pounds, but a recent diet study has proven that a salty tooth is actually the biggest contributor to unwanted weight gain. The results of the major study, which were featured in yesterday’s New England Journal of Medicine, identified potato chips as the most substantial source of weight gain over contenders like ice cream, sweets, soda and French fries.

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120,877 people participated in three long-running medical studies, which involved weigh-ins every four years for up to twenty years and completion of questionnaires pertaining to their diets and exercise habits. All survey participants were health professionals and not obese when the studies began. Average weight gain was approximately 17 pounds over the two decade time span, and food choices were found to contribute about 4 pounds per four-year period.


Some of the other significant findings identified through the research studies include:

-A 1.69 lb weight gain each four years due to a single daily serving of potato chips (1 ounce, or 15 chips and 160 calories)

-A 0.41 lb weight gain every four years due to sweets and desserts

-Starchy potatoes other than potato chips led to 1.28 lbs of weight gain every four years

-Soda added 1 lb over four years

-An alcoholic beverage a day translated to a 0.41 lb increase each four years

-An hour of television daily resulted in a 0.31 lb increase every four years

-Sleeping more or less than six to eight hours a night resulted in added weight gain


Along with the diet “no-nos” outlined above, the studies also proved that increasing one’s intake of fruits, vegetables and other unprocessed foods led to less weight gain, as these foods are rich in fiber and cause people to experience a prolonged sense of fullness. Eating more whole grains and nuts is another way to feel fuller for longer periods of time.

Fortunately for your target audience, the promotional snacks available from Pinnacle Promotions span nutritious options like peanuts, cashews, pretzels and granola bars. Everybody is allowed to indulge in a sweet treat once in awhile, but approaching edible gifts with caution, as well as respect for health-conscious consumers’ plights, may lead to increased brand loyalty and referrals over time.

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