Better Safe Than Sorry!


June is National Safety Month sponsored by the National Safety Council.  They are encouraging everyone to improve their safety practices in the workplace, at home and in the community.  Small safety precautions in your everyday life can make a huge impact on decreasing the number of injuries and deaths that occur each year.

Many companies take National Safety Month as an opportunity to promote their workplace safety guidelines for the whole year.  Incorporating imprinted safety promotional products into your safety presentation is a great way to provide valuable information without losing your employees’ interest. Kick off the month with a fun imprinted giveaway item for all your employees that shows you care about their safety, like the Talking Safety Stress Reliever.    The safety stress reliever says, “Remember, safety is our #1 goal.  So smile, be safe and enjoy your day!” when squeezed.  You’ll be surprised how an inexpensive, but unique promotional item will get the whole company excited for the month-long celebration.

A useful item to hand out to your employees to promote safety is a flashlight imprinted with your company logo.  Everyone can use a flashlight whether they keep it in their car, at their desk or at home;  there are many times when a flashlight can shed some light on an otherwise dangerous situation.

Remember, promoting your corporate safety guidelines doesn’t have to be boring…  spice it up with unique safety promotional items!

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