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I have to say I was in shock after hearing the news of director/writer/producer John Hughes’ unexpected passing earlier this month. It is always sad to hear of someone passing, but even more so when it comes too soon in one’s life.I may be a bit young to be quoting lines from his films, but that is just a testament to his work and the fact that he could relate to the youth of that generation and even those that followed. His most famous films (Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller) centered on the high school genre and revolved around one student’s woes or how a group of students interacted with one another.

Since the school year is beginning again for all of us in the real world, I thought it was appropriate to pay homage to one of the greats in the entertainment industry whom immersed himself in teen “dramedy”. We always want our kids to be prepared for whatever may come their way and Pinnacle is a great place to find supplies that make things a little easier. Not only do we have some stylish backpacks and cool functional USB drives, but we also carry the “not so fun” but necessary promotional items like pens and composition notebooks

So the next time you catch one of John’s flicks on TV or have nostalgia for those high school years just- “Don’t you, forget about me (Pinnacle)” for getting you geared up.

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Order (with a zippered padfolio) in the court!

Did you know that people worldwide spent more than $18 billion dollars on promotional products last year? I have only just recently joined Pinnacle Promotions Inc. (you may have seen my debut on the Pinnacle blog with my contribution to last week’s What Not to Wear posting as Fashion Police Officer #2), and so am relatively new to the promotional products industry, but have quickly been able to understand the impact of promotional products and realize why companies are putting so much money into this market.

For the past year, I spent my days trying to further my legal career as a paralegal with a criminal defense law firm in Buckhead (shout out to my friends at Conaway, Strickler & Margolis, PC!). While I am happy to now be free to unleash my creativity in writing blogs rather than trying to contain it in writing procedural orders and motions (no offense to all the lawyers out there…), I cannot stop looking at all the promotional products that Pinnacle Promotions offers and thinking of how they could have benefited the law firm. It came at no surprise to me then that purchasers from the professional fields such as doctors, lawyers and CPAs rank in the top 10 among buyers of promotional products. From custom pens to business card cases to ceramic coffee mugs and more, it seems that everywhere I turn I envision an opportunity to print a name and logo on an item and instantly promote a brand. Here are some examples I chose for the legal field:

For the courtroom:
Leed’s Manchester Zippered Padfolio with a writing pad, multiple filing pockets, and a zippered closure to make sure no important legal documents get lost.

For the office:
A Desk Pad Calendar with vinyl corners to keep track of court dates and important meetings.

And for the client:
Perhaps a Policeman Stress Reliever to remind them to stay out of trouble!

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A Creative Spin on the Classics – Part 1

Year after year, there’s a core group of promotional products that continually rank near the top in consumer popularity. Many of them, like the basic, custom t-shirt or a pad of promotional Post-It notes, consistently sell simply because they’re useful & offer a high number of marketing impressions throughout their lifespan. While these products are proven classics, creative variations do exist that can inject a new spin on these time-tested winners. Below are a few of our most popular suggestions.

The basic tee: A compressed t-shirt offers high impact delivery of your brand. Available in hundreds of stock shapes or custom designed, this unique way to package a t-shirt is sure to impress.

The Sticky Notebook: Also available in a variety of stock & custom shapes is the Sticky Notebook. With 25-100 sheets offered per pad, this product is sure to distinguish your brand from standard 3 x 4 notepads.

The Chip Clip: A common staple you’d find in every American kitchen today is the chip clip. A new twist on this now-classic item is the Cut-It Clip™. The Cut-It Clip™ includes a safe cutting blade to make opening chip bags a cinch.

The next time you’re looking for a new spark in your promotional products mix, start by looking for creative spins on the classic products that we all enjoy & use on a regular basis.

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Homebuyers Need Promotional Products, Too!

America’s real estate market is slowly strengthening, with certain areas showing definite signs of improvement. Sales of existing homes grew by 2.4% from April to May of this year, and many first-time homebuyers are taking advantage of recently established state and national tax credits. Foreclosures and short sales present opportunities for many people to purchase homes that would have otherwise been out of their price ranges, and the current “buyer’s market” means that real estate agents and brokers need to work that much harder to satisfy clients.

Promotional products can be beneficial to realtors because they serve as a useful reminder to prospective buyers and sellers that they should choose to do business with you instead of your competitors. Real estate is an aggressive industry, and especially so during tumultuous economic times when people are looking for the best deals out there.

The popular saying “There’s no place like home” rings true for homebuyers, and what better way to remind them that your services can help them attain their dream home than with house-shaped key chains or photo magnets? By customizing these items with your logo, you will effectively start to build relationships with your clientele and make your contact information accessible to them whenever they seek real estate expertise.

Our Real Estate category has a multitude of products that can be custom imprinted and distributed to your patrons. The more familiar they are with your name and brand, the more likely they are to trust you to cater to their real estate needs in the future!

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