Cigar Accessories – No Longer Just for Pops


A view inside Highland Cigar Company.

This weekend I ventured to Highland Cigar Company in Atlanta’s Inman Park Village and must say that I thoroughly enjoyed my first experience at a so-called “cigar bar.” Though not a cigar aficionado by any means, I almost felt like one as I lounged against the warm leather sofas lining the room, while sipping a glass of twenty-year old port, and puffing my bourbon-vanilla flavored cigar.

Upon doing so I joined the statistic that about 11% of Americans aged 18 to 25 had smoked a cigar within the last month (compared to the average of 5% from all ages) – data that may allow one to infer that cigar accessories as corporate gifts or other means of branded merchandise can be well received by young professionals, as well as the old.

Walk-in cigar humidor at Highland Cigar Company.

While cigar smokers in the past have often been stereotyped as middle-aged or older men of a certain persuasion, the previous mentioned statistic, as found by a 2008 survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration, shows that today many new cigar smokers are a part of the young adult age bracket. Now I’m not trying to openly endorse cigar smoking for the youth – however if promotional cigar accessories happen to fit your particular marketing needs, then you need not exclude this option just because your target audience is under the age of 26.

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Your first experience in a cigar bar made me think of mine. The difference is that you had a flavored cigar and mine was a Dominican made Aurora. Thanks for pointing out all the facts about us cigar smokers. We’re not all fat middle-aged bald guys.

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