Playing with Fire

Maybe it’s because I watched movies like The Godfather, Indiana Jones, and Goodfellas at an impressionable young age, but to me there’s very few things as cool as a Zippo® flip-top lighter. These iconic lighters have lit the cigars of powerful men and intentionally started fires at the homes of their enemies; they distinguished a hero from a villan, and they made for some really cool looking tricks.

Which is why I can’t help but drool over our sturdy selection of lighters, especially the Zippo® Windproof Lighter in Street Chrome.


Unlike the rest of our selection which feature slick looking shells, the Street Chrome option has a worn in feel to it that really appeals to me and the fact that it’s a Zippo lets me know that it’s going to work flawlessly. Imagine having your logo laser engraved into the front of this lighter, and your logo being the grooves your customer feels when they run their thumb over their lighter and light up a celebratory smoke. This is one promotional product that will stick with them for years.


Merchandising Assistant

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