Classic Promotional Toys from the Past and Present

Promotional Toys, Staff FavoritesAny time a company distributes branded giveaways to end users, the objective is to garner as much exposure as possible. So what better way to guarantee the success of a promotional campaign than by relying on tried and true favorites like the promotional toys featured in Time Magazine’s recently released list of the 100 most influential toys from 1923 to today?

Imprinting your unique logo and custom message on toys is a great way to reinforce your brand among your target audience. Toys are entertaining, light-hearted, and in the case of the items included in Time Magazine’s list, timeless (no pun intended!).  Generations have enjoyed playing with Yo-Yos, beach balls, and Magic 8 Balls, and you can help continue the legacy of these universal treasures by incorporating variations of them into your next marketing initiative.

Keep reading for a few of my personal favorite promotional toys from Time’s article and tips on how to use them effectively to market your business…

Yo-Yo: Since their rise to popularity in the 1920s, people of all ages have spent hours mastering tricks like “walking the dog,” “looping,” and “sleeping.” Yo-yo contests are proof that these toys are here to stay, and you can leverage their iconic status by giving them to prospective and current customers, employees, and key stakeholders to promote core business values like family, work-life balance, and stress management.

Frisbee: Beginning in the 1950s, flying discs took society by storm. The term “Frisbee” is trademarked by the Wham-O toy company, but generic variations have evolved and inspired recreational activities like Ultimate Frisbee and disc golf. These toys are also huge hits with their owners’ canine companions. For pet stores or organizations with an emphasis on the great outdoors, flying discs can provide end users with inspiration for a fun afternoon in the backyard or at the park.

Slap bracelet: Who can forget the ‘80s craze of slap bracelets? At our office, we witnessed the recent revival of this trend firsthand with the release of promotional slap watches (catch our hilarious Slap-On Promotional Watch video on Pinnacle’s official YouTube channel). These widely praised items have been spotted at tradeshows, company parties, and community outreach events because of their stylish, yet functional, attributes.

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