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On the final day of Daylight Savings Time, how did you use your extra hour? I time traveled.

Last Saturday brought together two of the three most magical days of the year, Halloween and the end of Daylight Savings Time. (Friday the 13th is the third. If the entire trifecta ever occurs on the same day, the universe will explode.)

For the Petes, it’s tradition to do something legendary in that extra hour when you get to travel into the past. In this episode of The Adventures of Pete & Pete, Little Pete prepares for time travel by stocking up on time warp vitamins. He spends all day chowing handfuls of the Krebllogs brand cereal Cosmic Rings, a food high in riboflavin. Without riboflavin, Big Pete points out, you could end up stuck in the time vortex. Little Pete rides his bicycle west across state lines and into the next time zone, gaining not one, but two extra hours. As he hoped, his feat is memorialized on a souvenir pen.

To prepare myself for traveling into the past, I turned back the hour hand on my World Time Travel Clock (one of Leed’s travel accessories), and slipped on my high school cheerleading uniform, part of my Halloween costume for the evening. If you want to know the rest, well… you’ll have to buy the pen.

So what did you do with your extra hour? Did you write with your foot? Experience less gravity? Dial your best friend from a cordless phone in a tree and ask her out on a date? And what legends do you hope to create next year, when Daylight Savings ends again?

*Special thanks to Heather, Kim, Dana, Jaime and Sarah of Pinnacle’s Marketing Department for contributing their ideas on Daylight Savings Time.

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