Discovery of the Vanagon- need a promotional key chain?

As I was on my lunch break about a week ago, I came across a new discovery that I had never seen before.  Stopped at the traffic light to my right was a large awkward-looking van. During further inspection I noticed the model name on the back, and guess what it said- Vanagon.  First of all, I didn’t see anything overtly attractive about the vehicle itself to make anyone want to run to the car lot and buy this baby, and secondly I couldn’t believe it was called the Vanagon. So being in the promotional industry, first thing I think of is:  What goes best with a Vanagon? Promotional key chain of course! I burst out in laughter because it just sounds so absurd. It is like the labels celeb magazines and entertainment websites brand celeb couples by just combining their names into one Supername. I shared my discovery with my co-workers and they were just as astonished and amused as I was so we just had to blog about it.  In conclusion,  you don’t really have to own a Vanagon in order to need promo keychains, but wouldn’t it just be so fitting to have a flip-flop shaped bottle opener keychain to go with your hippie ride. Groovy.

With this awkward sized van, we can only assume it’s got all the bells and whistles which just makes sense to get a keychain to go with it, why not something a bit more tasteful like the van? Check out this whistle, light & compass keychain combo to go with it!

Merchandising & Marketing Coordinator


Groovy! love the paint job and looks like its in great shape. i would also absolutely drive it! :)

LOVE IT! I would absolutely drive that baby in your picture :)

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