Get Creative With Mobile Marketing-Print QR Codes on Logo Apparel

If you’ve seen QR codes popping up on logo apparel, in magazines, or on retail windows, it’s because these distinct 2-D matrix bar codes are gaining lots of traction in the interactive and mobile marketing realm.

QR codes, also known as quick-response codes, are considered a convenience-oriented matrix that’s connecting the physical world to the digital world, instantly. Marketers have integrated QR codes into their campaigns because it’s engaging prospects. Now, by just scanning these codes with a web-enabled mobile phone, consumers on the go can instantly interact with their brand.

Through the codes, companies directly connect consumers to whatever information they wish to promote; whether it is a product page, a Facebook “like” page, coupons, or a campaign. Another attractive feature is the codes ability to measure response rates leading to a more accurate ROI calculation.

Now that QR codes are just beginning to gain traction in the U.S, you can still stay ahead of the creative marketing curve by incorporating QR codes with logo apparel. Promotional products such as shirts and hats last far longer than printed collateral such as flyers and direct mailers. Similarly, by printing a QR code on to logo apparel your company creates a walking marketing campaign!

With all the curiosity and interest around these codes, maximize your interactive efforts by incorporating QR codes, printed on logo apparel, into your marketing campaign.

Lauren Cohen

Marketing Coordinator


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