Go Local With Yogurt, Cheese and Custom Tees

At Pinnacle Promotions, we happen to be lucky enough to be located in the same business complex as the headquarters for Atlanta Fresh Artisan Creamery. With a mission to “bring the highest quality locally sourced and made dairy products to the Atlanta market,” Atlanta Fresh’s yogurt and cheese products truly are the freshest, and best, you have ever tasted. Their milk is received fresh daily from Johnston Family Farm, a family owned and operated dairy in Newborn, GA, and merely days later fresh yogurt and cheese is being shipped to restaurants and retailers all around Georgia.

Such farm-to-table practices to which Atlanta Fresh is committed are increasing throughout the US as the general public is beginning to be educated on not only the lack of fresh, local ingredients that has come with the disappearance of small farms, but the dangers of genetically modified foods and the negative effects of a monopolized food growing and distribution system to America’s agricultural industry. With the purchase of Atlanta Fresh Artisan Creamery dairy products, you are not only getting yogurts and cheeses that are arguably better tasting and better for you than those of the mainstream agriculture community,
but you are supporting local businesses and sustainable agriculture, too.

And you can further support them buy purchasing some Atlanta Fresh custom T-shirts, French baker caps and tote bags, all featuring their endearing cow logo.

I’m off to get myself a case of the Peach and Ginger Greek-style non-fat yogurt – my personal favorite.
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