Heather’s Product Pick of the Week: TakeOut Tumbler Infuser

So it’s pretty much common knowledge that as part of a healthy diet you are supposed to drink 8 glasses of water a day.  I try to do this everyday and I’ve also eliminated soda from my diet.  Most days I’m content just drinking my water, but I recently found a new product, the TakeOut Tumbler Infuser that makes getting my 8 glasses of water easy and fun!

When I first got my sample of the TakeOut Tumbler Infuser I checked out the quality of the tumbler. I was pleased that the straw fit tightly in the lid and the double walled acrylic construction was well made.  For branding purposes, the full color wrap around insert gives you plenty of space to promote your company or organization.  The infuser basket also easily snapped in and out of the lid which made me immediately start thinking of creative recipes for infused water.

I opened my refrigerator and saw strawberries and thought I’d give strawberry water a try.  I quickly sliced up some strawberries, dropped them in the infuser basket, and poured in a full glass of water.  I let the tumbler sit for about 5 minutes to let the fruit infuse into my water and then viola… I had strawberry water.

I was surprised at how flavorful my drink was and my first glass went really quickly.  I was back soon after and just refilled my tumbler with more water and had a similar fruity drink.  Since then I’ve tried cucumbers, pears, lemons, and a chai tea bag, all with the same great results. I plan to pick up some herbs like fresh mint and basil to incorporate in my infused waters next week.

The TakeOut Tumbler Infuser is my new favorite promotional drinkware piece because it is both unique and useful in my everyday life.  I could see health/fitness companies and hospitals using this product as well as any organization that wanted to brand themselves as unique and health conscience.


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This is a great product and a great idea. Such a simple way to enhance something as good for you as water without much effort. Buying flavored water from the grocery store is expensive and probably doesn’t taste half as good as what this cup does. Thanks for sharing this great product.

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