How to Save Money on Everything from Groceries to Promotional Products

They say a dollar saved is a dollar earned. And this adage has never been truer than in today’s tumultuous economy. So as a tribute to the fact that today is National Teach your Children to Save Day, I thought now would be a good time to discuss consumer behavior and ways to save on everything from groceries to promotional products.

I learned the magnitude of budgeting shortly after my 12th birthday. Without a detailed budget, my mother (an accountant) told me, there was simply no way she would consider giving me a weekly allowance. Since that day I have come across a couple of tips to allocate and make the most of my available resources.

1.   Cut coupons and redeem promo codes
2.   Cook meals at home on occasion
3.   Craft presents or bake cakes for friends’ birthdays, rather
than giving store-bought items, for more meaningful and less expensive gifts

These small steps can help make a difference in any budget.

Marketing Coordinator

Thanks to the ABA Education Foundation.

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