Lee’s Product Pick of the Week: the Vino2Go 10 oz.

While I usually save the product picks for the merchandisers, I couldn’t help but show you one of my favorite new products: the Vino2Go 10 oz.


A wine glass inside of a to-go style tumbler, how cool is that?

Seriously, who is the genius who came up with this?  I’d like to know.  Because, as a wine drinker (I prefer sauvignon blanc, if you were wondering, which I’m sure you were not.), I’ve been in those situations when it’s just not handy to have a wine glass, but yet wine tastes so much better out of one.

The Vino2Go solves all of that.  It’s made of acrylic, so it won’t break if you’ve had a few too many glasses and your glass somehow meets the ground.  Since it has a lid, you can cover it and not worry about it spilling.  And it’s really cute as a bonus.

I think these would be great for tailgating at football games or concerts, camping trips, sitting by the pool, really anywhere that you want to enjoy a nice glass of wine and not have to worry about it spilling.

These are super hot right now in the retail world.  The website Buzzfeed just did a fun article on them and we have them on our site ready to be imprinted with your logo!

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