Let it show! Let it show! Let it show!

paparutziOh the weather outside is frightful, but the party is so delightful…

The Holiday season is always a festive time of year, but with this excitement comes along the stress of finding the perfect gifts. So many options presented in the windows of shops, but yet none of them seem to be perfect. The corporate holiday party is this weekend and it’s always a process to find the right gift for the exchange. I have to keep in mind who is receiving it along with the perceived value of the item. It needs to be fun, unique but still classy and affordable. Oh the dilemma!

As I continued to contemplate about the perfect gift to give over a glass of wine, it suddenly came to me! What could be a more perfect gift than a wine tote and decorative wine stoppers from Pinnacle’s selection of Corporate Holiday Gifts! My wine tote and wine stoppers would be the envied party gift and the talk around the office for months to come. Oh, what a show stopper I would be!

As I arrived at the party, I was so excited to give my perfect gift of a wine tote and wine stopper to the lucky someone who happened to pick my gift! Let the party begin! Let it show!

Mande & Brooke
Account Team

image by Darwin Bell

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