Meet the iGeneration: The Youngest Users of Promotional Electronics

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As I was browsing the racks in a local boutique several weeks ago, I couldn’t help but notice a mother and toddler on the other side of the shop alle links von einer seite downloaden. “Mommy and me“ shopping trips are nothing out of the ordinary, but the young child was seated in a stroller and engrossed in a game on what appeared to be an iPad you can netflix tv series on your laptop!

Appropriately nicknamed the “iGeneration,” America’s youngsters are no strangers to portable technology and promotional electronics wie viel kann man bei netflixen.

While the average ages for mobile phone possession and smart phone possession are 13 and 15 respectively, survey results recently released by BlogHer and Parenting revealed that one in four moms allow their two-year-old to use their mobile phone. According to the study, children of Generation Y mothers are the earliest engagers of high tech gadgets. Additionally, 34% of Generation Y mothers and 29% of Generation X mothers exposed their children to laptops before age 2 and 34% of Gen Y mothers and 26% of Gen X mothers introduced their kids under 2 to cell phones.

What does this information mean for marketers? Well, if your target market is comprised of mothers and young children, don’t rule out the potential of promotional electronics to effectively spread your brand’s message. While moms of generations past may have scoffed at the idea of introducing their offspring to expensive, high-tech gadgets, today’s progressive mothers tout the benefits of exposing kids to cutting edge technology at a young age. While kid-friendly customized cell phone cases and mP3 accessories may seem like unconventional mediums to promote your brand, they may be influential in communicating your company’s thorough knowledge of consumer trends to your desired audience.

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Reminds me of my 2 year old niece. In my time, we are not even allowed to play family computers until we reach the age of 8.

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