Megan’s Product Pick: Let ’em see you sweat

Excessive perspiration in public is a no-no. Unless you are sweating to unlock a hidden memo on your workout t-shirt. Puzzled? Read on to find out more….


The Ultimate Training Shirt from ViewSPORT actually looks better when you sweat in it! Your body perspiration will release the hidden message in the garment. Measure the success of your workout…have you produced enough sweat to unleash the secret advertisement? If not, drop and give me twenty! The sweat-activated technology has been tested to last up to 50 washes.

Athletic wearables are a hot trend in the industry that is here to stay. More people are striving to get in shape. Being fit is evolving into a lifestyle. And the more time people spend at the gym, on the court or running on the street, the more impressions your logo will get in public! This product would be perfect for athletic clubs, practice gear for sports teams, collegiate apparel and more!

Contact us to learn more about this innovative technology. The technology can be customized on performance and wicking wear textiles. View our entire athletic collection online.

Merchandising Manager

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