Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: the Chambray Shirt

As new products for 2013 trickle in, I sift through them and select my best-loved garments to feature for the upcoming season. I am happy to report that I am really digging these Chambray Dress shirts. You might have seen the trend in retail for the past few years, and finally someone has got it right in the corporate apparel industry!


Available in Men’s and Women’s cuts, these woven shirts are made from 100% Cotton Indigo Dyed Chambray. With thoughtful details such as pearl buttons, a chest pocket for men, strategically placed seams for the ladies- these shirts are fabulous. Not to mention the collars are straight-no buttons to be seen. I love that clean look.

What is Chambray you may ask? The material is tightly woven from blue cotton yarn for the warp and a white cotton yarn for the weft.  When the two types of yarn intermingle, a beautiful lightweight texture is achieved. There are a lot of different weights of chambray. The lightest weights can compare to linen or oxford cotton, while the heaviest weights can resemble the feel of lightweight denim.

Chambray originates from Cambrai, France. The fabric was first developed in 1595, known as “cambrai fabric.”  Fast forward to the 1800’s, where the material was Americanized and renamed “chambray.” The first known uses for the fabric was to make sunbonnets.

Today, chambray shirts are ideal for uniforms and casual wear. The lightweight material is comfortable and breathable. And the crisp appearance looks professional and polished.

Check out my favorite Chambray styles and other shirting options here.


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