Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: Go! Lunchtime

I was like a giddy school girl when the Go! Lunchtime container system appeared on my desk. This is not any ordinary receptacle to carry food in. With the weather changing pretty rapidly, and when I am motivated to bring my lunch, the Go! Lunchtime can accommodate soups, stews, chili -you name it!


The Go! Lunchtime has 2 ample compartments that are the perfect size for a lunch meal or a snack for two! And this system has a reusable spoon nestled in the lid! An idea lunch combo in my Go! Lunchtime kit would be a Greek salad in the 9 oz. bowl and chicken noodle soup in the 16 oz. mug.

This genius system is leak proof, microwave safe and BPA Free! The mug has a handle, making the container super easy to carry when put together. And a clear protective lid works with either the mug or bowl, to keep your food fresh!

The Go! Lunchtime container comes in white and can be decorated with a one-color screen print on up to both sides of the mug. This product would be an ideal gift for Nurse’s day, for students or to promote healthy eating.

Check out the Go! Lunchtime container and more lunch coolers here! No more paper bags, ma!


Merchandising Manager

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