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What Is BPA and Are BPA Products Safe?

Exploring the ins and outs of BPA and BPA products.

Let’s set the scene: You’re at this year’s biggest trade show in your industry. You are working at your company’s booth and feeling great about sharing the latest products and advancements in your field. Potential customers come up to ask questions and grab a free branded water bottle.

One particular customer picks up that branded water bottle and asks “Do you know if this is BPA-free?” Your mind races – is it BPA-free? Should it be? What even is BPA? When you finally answer, “I’m not sure…” the potential customer puts the bottle back, gives a quick thanks and moves on to the next booth.

This scenario may not happen often but it is a concern on the mind of many consumers these days. BPA has made the headlines in the last decade because plastic drinkware and food containers can cause health problems. 

Consumers worry whether their everyday plastics carry the chemical without much knowledge on what BPA is and if BPA products are safe. Today, we will discuss “what is BPA?” and how you can effectively choose the right promotional products to suit your company’s needs while considering the health and safety of your consumers.

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What is BPA?

As often as we have heard of BPA, few of us know what it actually is. Bisphenol A (BPA) is used to manufacture polycarbonate plastics used for items such as sports bottles, food-storage containers and metal food can liners, along with thousands of other products.

How Can This Impact Us?

BPA leaches into the foods we eat and the beverages we drink pretty easily over time — that’s how it ends up in the body. BPA exposure tends to happen more when plastic items are old, damaged or have an increased temperature, either through microwaving or being left in a hot vehicle. 

The unique thing about BPA is that it acts like a synthetic estrogen, disrupting hormones in the body. This can negatively impact our natural endocrine rhythms, creating health problems such as early puberty or cancer. 

One of the significant concerns with BPA is how it affects infants and children — studies suggest that it can impair certain developmental milestones and contribute to disorders such as ADHD. Babies and young children are more at risk because they metabolize the chemical slower compared to adults. 

Are BPA Products Safe?

It can be challenging to determine if BPA products are safe to use — and while we have access to many BPA-free products, the chemical can still be found in thousands of products today. 

A 2003-2004 CDC study of 2,517 participants, six years and older, found that nearly all tested had BPA in their system. This shows that a high number of the population has been exposed to BPA, but not all of these individuals have health concerns. Still, the impacts of low exposure to BPA are inconclusive, unfortunately. 

The main take away when it comes to using BPA products safely is to never microwave or leave plastic containers in hot places. It’s also best to wash these items by hand rather than the dishwasher. Finally, if a plastic product is scratched or damaged, that means it’s time to dispose of it. It’s also important to remember that these items impact children the most – so looking for BPA-free products will be the best choice for your little ones. 

BPA-Free Promotional Product Options

After learning more about BPA and the potential effects of the chemical, it makes sense why companies should be wary when purchasing their promotional products. Thankfully, there are many BPA-Free options for drinkware and food storage.  

BPA-Free Plastic Promotional Products

It’s comforting to know that there are many BPA-free plastic promotional products available. In fact, any plastic labeled as a 1, 2 or 5, is considered BPA-free. These plastics are not manufactured with the Bisphenol A chemical and could be a safer alternative. When shopping for your next promotional drinkware, check the specifications to see if the bottle is BPA-free

Glass Promotional Products

Glass is a great option for going BPA-Free. It is inert to liquids and gasses, meaning it won’t leach chemicals into food or water. The only issue with glass drinkware is it can be less durable than plastic and stainless steel.   

Stainless Steel Promotional Products

Stainless steel is the way to go if you are looking for durable drinkware that is BPA-free. Stainless steel bottles and food containers will not leach chemicals, even when scratched or heated. It has been advised that when shopping for stainless steel items, to find containers that do not have plastic lids – these lids are more than likely made with BPA

Eco-Friendly Promotional Products 

One great advantage to the materials listed above is that there are sustainable drinkware and food storage options. You will find that many eco-friendly promotional products are made from recycled plastic, glass or stainless steel. 

Getting to Know Your Products

Now you know more about BPA products and what materials serve as BPA-free alternatives. You can feel confident at the next trade show that you have thoughtfully chosen promotional products safe for your consumer. Trust us when we say your customer will remember that awesome stainless steel or glass bottle they receive!

At Pinnacle Promotions, we value the product journey – from the vendor to print, to you and, finally, to your customer. We want to provide the best experience possible. That’s why we have a variety of branded drinkware and BPA-free promotional products to ensure that you and your consumers have a safe brand experience. 

It’s like what Holly Ringle, the Director of Business Development with Pinnacle Promotions, says, “It’s exciting to see organizations take consumer safety into account when choosing their promotional products. Being mindful of product selection is a thoughtful reflection of the brand, which translates into trust between the consumer and the company. It’s a win-win, overall.”
Are you looking to get advice or ideas on BPA-free promotional products? We can build you custom Ideakits™ with detailed product suggestions to ensure you choose the best BPA-free products for your customers or employees. Contact us at 877.300.2007 for more information!

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