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Open Enrollment Themes: 7 Unique Ideas for Promoting 2020 Open Enrollment Season

Open enrollment (OE) is one of the biggest—if not the biggest—initiatives for the HR department. In most cases, they’ve prepared all year, from choosing the insurance plans to getting the portal ready. But there’s one final step left to be done: Raising awareness of open enrollment among employees and getting them to make their selections in time.

Staging your OE communications plan around a theme is a great way to grab employees’ attention and inject a little bit of fun into benefits season. Here are seven of our favorite open enrollment themes:

1. Sports

Ready, set, enroll! Kick off open enrollment season by choosing one sport (or several) to theme your open enrollment campaign around. Football is a good choice, since the season will be well underway by the time open enrollment rolls around. However, basketball, baseball, soccer and tennis are also popular options that will appeal to a wide range of employees. Sports-themed giveaway ideas include:

2. Music

Rock en-roll your way through open enrollment with a music theme. Choose a genre like rock or pop, or pun off classic bands that are sure to appeal to your employee demographics. Take your open enrollment on “tour” to each department and encourage HR employees to dress like their favorite rock star or folk musician to add a little fun to festival season—sorry, we meant open enrollment season. Music-themed giveaways include:

3. Outdoors

Getting outside is associated with being healthy, making this open enrollment theme a natural fit. This is a particularly good theme if you live in an area with a lot of natural parks or work at a very outdoorsy office. Encourage employees to “choose their destination” (i.e., benefit plan) and to “assemble their equipment” (i.e., paperwork) before embarking on the journey of open enrollment. HR recaps can serve as trail guides, coaching employees through the OE process—ranger vests and hats not required. Outdoor-themed giveaways include:

4. Vacation

Open enrollment is kind of comparable to planning for vacation. You have to research a lot of options and choose the best one for your budget and needs. HR reps can act as “travel agents”—or for a more modern twist, travel bloggers—helping people to book their benefits before the season is over. Of course, a vacation theme also ties into taking time off, giving you a natural opening to tack on a refresher on company PTO policies. Vacation-themed giveaways include:

5. Movies and TV Shows

Has a particular movie or TV show dominated the office water cooler chatter lately? Let that be the inspiration for your next open enrollment. Try to choose a popular option, like Game of Thrones, so that even people who haven’t seen it will still understand what’s going on. Bonus points for any puns you come up with based on the title—Breaking Benefits, anyone? Obviously, appropriate giveaways will vary based on what you pick, but some options include:

6. Games

Can you win the game of Life—er, open enrollment? Choose a popular board game or card game and update it to fit your open enrollment plan. Game shows such as Jeopardy or Family Feud are also great choices and provide an excellent chance to educate employees about their benefits options through the game itself. Giveaway ideas include:

7. Health and Wellness

If none of these other open enrollment themes resonates with you, you can’t go wrong with a simple health and wellness theme. Health and wellness ties directly into OE season and gives you a great opportunity to encourage healthy choices among your employees. In fact, many companies offer a benefit credit for healthy behavior such as not smoking. Health and wellness themed giveaway ideas include:

Employees might not be naturally excited about OE season, but these themes are sure to get them pumped up about open enrollment. Try one of these open enrollment themes to raise awareness among employees and encourage everyone to actively participate in choosing their benefits.

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