Pantone’s Color of the Year – Emerald Green

If you work as as graphic designer or with graphic designers in any capacity, no doubt you are familiar with the Pantone Matching System, which is the standard color matching system across pretty much all industries.

Each year, Pantone chooses a “Color of the Year.” The color is decided upon at a secret Pantone meeting held in a European capital each year. The color is reportedly chosen in conjunction with many of the cultural influences that Pantone believes are relevant in our present lives. The color is meant to capture the spirit of the year.

Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013 is Emerald Green.

Emerald Green

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According to the Pantone website, Emerald Green is an elegant color that appeals “our sense of well-being, balance and harmony.” Pantone has established itself as the premier color authority and everyone from artists, to interior designers to retail stores pay attention.

Though a company typically tries to buy promotional products in their certain brand colors, how about choosing a product in PMS 17-5641? Many of our products offer PMS matching, so we can be sure to get the correct color for you. If you’re not that picky about the exact color, but want to take advantage of the general green trend, here are 4 of my favorite products that come in green.


16 oz. Spirit Promotional Tumbler:

16 oz. Spirit Promotional Tumbler

 Bella Ladies’ 4 oz. Tri-Blend Deep V-Neck:

Bella Ladies 4 oz. Tri-Blend Deep V-Neck

Custom Carabiner with Strap:

Custom Carabiner with Strap


Curvaceous Stainless Steel Custom Sports Bottle:

Curvaceous Stainless Steel Custom Sports Bottle

And that’s just a very small sampling of products that come in green. It is easy being green! Will you be taking advantage of the Emerald Green trend this year?

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Amazing – I did not realise this, however with Pantone been such a big name, especially in the print industry and are branching out all the time, I suppose in reality there is little wonder why they can have such an influence – very interesting indeed.

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