POLL: Which Promotional Fitness Accessories Do Gym-Goers Like Best?

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Gyms, health clubs, and personal training companies are a dime a dozen. So what differentiates one fitness option from another? While it can be tough for consumers to decide between signing with one gym versus another and price is often a key consideration, marketing and promotional fitness accessories can play a large role in attracting members/clients to a particular choice and securing their loyalty.

This past weekend, my gym hosted a grand opening celebration with assorted booths manned by local business representatives. From high-end restaurants to nationwide energy drink manufacturers, a plethora of promotional giveaways were available to appeal to current and prospective members of all ages.

Overall, the turnout was fair, but I felt that the gym did not capitalize on this opportunity to market itself and its offerings to attendees. New and existing members should have walked away with armfuls of branded promotional items touting the gym’s name and opening date. Instead, we were left with a slew of coupons redeemable at local restaurant chains and not a single tangible reminder of the event or gym! Every visitor should have received at least an inexpensive giveaway like a keychain or window decal to build awareness for the gym around the community. Many gyms even offer “Welcome” kits packed with t-shirts, tote bags, water bottles, and more to new members in hopes of spreading the word to prospective members.

If you were contemplating joining a gym or switching to a new gym, which promotional items might influence your decision? Are there any promotional fitness accessories, in particular, that you would be more or less likely to use and enjoy in your everyday life? Take our short poll on Facebook to let us know where you stand. And who knows? Maybe a gym in your area will stumble upon the results of our poll and incorporate them into future marketing efforts!


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