Reaching College Students with Promotional Electronics [infographic]

If you’ve ever thought that college students are addicted to electronics, you could be on to something. A recent University of Maryland study asked students not to use media for 24 hours and found that many of those participants experienced symptoms similar to drug withdrawal.

Student dependence on electronic devices is not necessarily a bad thing, however, as 91% of students use email to seek extra help from teachers and almost 90% of students feel that tablets help them study more efficiently.

Whether they use their electronic devices to increase productivity or not, one thing is clear: college students love technology. And to help us visualize just how much students love technology, online higher education database created a great infographic.

*This info graphic is no longer available*

Evidenced by the vast amount of time that college students spend talking on the phone, sending texts, listening to music, reading on their tablets, and using social media, you can’t go wrong with distributing promotional electronics. To really increase brand visibility, consider promotional cell phone accessories, branded MP3 players, or even custom headphones.

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