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Strategic Consolidation with MyPromo Enterprise

Strategic Consolidation with MyPromo Enterprise

This case study shows how MyPromo Enterprise modernized Sunoco’s merchandising experience. 

After 130 years of fueling Americans, Sunoco knows it has a diverse audience with differing product needs. That’s where MyPromo Enterprise comes in. The smooth store integration, with detailed reporting, helped Sunoco streamline the user experience. 

The Challenge

Sunoco was running up against a complex problem. At the time, the organization was managing five different store sites for its five different audiences. These audiences include retail, employee, administrative, distributor and race fuels. 

Each store had its own pricing, inventory and purchasing rules. As the stores gained popularity, managing each one became more difficult. And comprehensive reporting was nearly impossible. 

The Solution

Sunoco was assigned a dedicated account team to help figure out the best solution for its company stores. Using extensive store-management experience and coding wizardry, the Pinnacle Promotions team created a detailed plan of action and implementation. 

From here, the team began consolidating the five stores into one easily accessible site and integrated the Sunoco Shop experience for its varying audiences. The store views changed with different pricing and specific purchasing rules depending on the visitor.

The Result

After this integration, the user and administrative experiences are now simple and smooth. Sunoco can access a detailed reporting dashboard to help track its different audiences. In this dashboard, the organization can also set specific rules to cater to these users. 

MyPromo Enterprise is your full-scale corporate solution to merchandise fulfillment and product management. Let us help you elevate your enterprise to the next level with MyPromo Solutions

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Merrell: The Pack

It all began in 1981 when Backpacker Magazine called Randy Merrell’s boots, “the most comfortable and functional boots in North America.” In the past 30 years, Merrell has become one of the top names in outdoor footwear and apparel.

Besides having great shoes and clothing, Merrell also has some great programs, including The Pack.

When you join The Pack, you join a virtual community of like-minded athletes who enjoy the outdoors as much as you do. According to their Facebook page, when you join The Pack, you get expert training tips, are able to upload your own pictures and videos, get how-to advice from Pack leaders, download healthy recipes, compete in challenges and lots more. In addition, members of The Pack also receive special promotional products.

By joining The Pack, you’re committing to a healthy and active lifestyle and by donning The Pack promotional products, you’re showing others that they too can be part of this awesome community (and get a cool shirt!)

Marketing Coordinator

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Case Study: FLEETCOR


FLEETCOR is a leading independent global provider of specialized payment products and services. It serves 500,000 commercial with millions of cardholders across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Challenge: Time and Quality

FLEETCOR was given the last minute authorization to order products for their upcoming Sales Incentive Trip, only four weeks away and in the Dominican Republic. They were looking for high quality products that met their branding guidelines but were on a tight deadline.

The Solution:

Since time was of the essence, Pinnacle created an IdeaKit in less than two hours, recommending products that historically have been successful and would deliver internationally in a timely manner. FLEETCOR selected six items for their event: The Starphire Glass Award, 5”x 7” Embossed Tropical Frames, Superior Weight Colored Beach Towels, Suncare Kits with added lip balm, the Alta Triton Water Bottle and the Riviera Striped Tote.

Fleetcor Water Bottle
Since this order was shipping internationally, Pinnacle worked directly with a major global logistics provider and the client’s hotel to ensure delivery would go smoothly. We learned, however, after the items had landed in the Dominican Republic, that the logistics company was unable to make the delivery. Despite the significant setback, we worked with concierge at the hotel and hired a taxi to pick up the packages from the airport and drive three hours to make the delivery. The items arrived at the recipients’ hotel rooms that evening.

The Result:

FLEETCOR was extremely pleased with the outcome of their order, despite one item not clearing customs. FLEETCOR declared this to be the nicest collection of products that they had ever given away at a sales incentive trip.

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