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Strategic Consolidation with MyPromo Enterprise

This case study shows how MyPromo Enterprise modernized Sunoco’s merchandising experience. 

After 130 years of fueling Americans, Sunoco knows it has a diverse audience with differing product needs. That’s where MyPromo Enterprise comes in. The smooth store integration, with detailed reporting, helped Sunoco streamline the user experience. 

The Challenge

Sunoco was running up against a complex problem. At the time, the organization was managing five different store sites for its five different audiences. These audiences include retail, employee, administrative, distributor and race fuels. 

Each store had its own pricing, inventory and purchasing rules. As the stores gained popularity, managing each one became more difficult. And comprehensive reporting was nearly impossible. 

The Solution

Sunoco was assigned a dedicated account team to help figure out the best solution for its company stores. Using extensive store-management experience and coding wizardry, the Pinnacle Promotions team created a detailed plan of action and implementation. 

From here, the team began consolidating the five stores into one easily accessible site and integrated the Sunoco Shop experience for its varying audiences. The store views changed with different pricing and specific purchasing rules depending on the visitor.

The Result

After this integration, the user and administrative experiences are now simple and smooth. Sunoco can access a detailed reporting dashboard to help track its different audiences. In this dashboard, the organization can also set specific rules to cater to these users. 

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