3 Surprising Things You Don’t Know About…Pens

To celebrate National Ballpoint Pen Day taking place this week, there are 3 surprising things you don’t know about pens and we want to enlighten you teleboy app herunterladen!

When shopping for promotional pens, don’t make the mistake of missing out on 3 key factors that matter and should be part of your decision-making process herunterladen.

Safety Matters

Even pens need to meet specific state safety requirements. Most pen brands meet CA Proposition 65 requirements about chemical safety wie kann ich eine e mail herunterladen. Make sure the pens you purchase are up to code.

Color Matters

Most legal documents need to be signed in blue ink herunterladen. This helps instantly distinguish between an original document and a photocopy. Blue is standard for most pen companies, but make sure you mention it to your account manager if you prefer black ink solidworks 2018 student.
exec pen

Ink Matters

For lefties, the key to pens is the smudge-factor outlook shared folder download.
People who write left-handed have a problem with pens that have ink that smudges. Some pen brands offer “quick-dry” ink that prevents the smudge-factor herunterladen.
Lefty Perk

When thinking personalized, promotional pens, think about these 3 surprising things that help guarantee the pen you choose will help you to Make the right impression.™

Pinnacle Promotions

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splatter cinema presents rosemary’s baby & advertising products for non-profits

splatter-cinema-logoLast night I had the pleasure of viewing Rosemary’s Baby at the Plaza Theater here in Atlanta amazon album without app. I had never before seen Roman Polanski’s 1968 horror classic, and Splatter Cinema sufficiently hyped the movie beforehand with “authentic recreations of some of the most graphic scenes of the film” right in the theater lobby windows 10 professional as iso for free. Anybody know where I can find the picture of me posed with a bloody babydoll next to a cloaked man wielding a knife? Thanks.

The lobby also held a table of branded t-shirts, coozies, and handmade horrific handbags herunterladen. This kind of branded merch and other advertising products for non-profits have a dual effect: both spreading awareness about the brand and raising money to support the organization windows 10 updates nur herunterladen nicht installieren.

Keep reading appsen apple tv.

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Using Promo Products to Target Hispanic American Consumers


“Yo Sumo.” The Spanish phrase, which in English translates to “I count,” forms the basis of PepsiCo’s current campaign addressing Hispanic Americans herunterladen. The campaign hopes to spur Hispanic consumers not only to participate in the 2010 Census, but to make their citizenship “count” to the fullest extent music download iphone without internet. Instead of just filling out the form and being included in the census tally, “Yo Sumo” urges them to discuss their experiences and influence on the American nation via Pepsi’s interactive website, herunterladen. Popular Hispanic actress Eva Longoria Parker is slated to collaborate with Pepsi to film a documentary based on anecdotes posted to the site. The “Yo Sumo” website has already caught on within America’s Hispanic community, and many fans of the initiative have purchased official “Yo Sumo” custom t-shirts (pictured above) gta kostenlos downloaden handy. Lots of “Yo Sumo” supporters proudly wear their logo apparel in profile pictures on social networking sites to communicate their excitement to friends and family musik mit share onlineen!

As was the case with the last national census in 2000, experts expect Hispanic consumers to comprise a large portion of respondents, reminding marketers about their immense purchasing power open office download kostenlos deutsch vollversion windows 7. If you compete in an industry that targets largely Spanish-speaking market segments, there are lots of promotional products that you can customize in order to reach out to these consumers zoo tycoon 2 animals. You can, and should, take immediate action to diversify your marketing mix to appeal to Hispanic audiences. Consider ordering items like these calendars featuring Spanish text or imprinted pens that sound a cheery Spanish voice recording to end users when their heads are pressed down video herunterladen dailymotion. In addition to items with predetermined stock messages in Spanish, don’t forget that you can tailor any promotional products to people of any native language by specifying your own custom content and graphics schriftenen mac.

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Promotional Products on Mars

Breaking news: Pinnacle Promotions has become the first promotional products distributor to receive an order for promotional products to be featured at a trade show on Mars font awesome. The event is scheduled to occur on July 8, 2010 and will host companies from a range of industries including cable providers, plumbers, and electricians einladungen geburtstag word vorlagen kostenlos downloaden.


Did I trick you? Well, if you are anywhere near as gullible as I am, April Fools Day is the one day a year where other, more cynical people can relate to our predicament win10 pro herunterladen. One April Fools Day when I was in the sixth grade, a close friend informed me in the morning that her father had decided to accept a job in Alaska and she was moving at the end of the week download deleted facebook messages. Of course, I had forgotten that it was April Fools Day and fell for her blatant lie hook, line, and sinker. She strung me along for about an hour before she took pity on me and came clean about her story spiele herunterladen sims. Read more about April Fools Day in the Corporate World

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Where Have You Spotted John Deere Promotional Products?

Having been born and bred in Georgia, I am no stranger to the distinctive green and yellow logo featured on John Deere promotional products herunterladen. Okay, so I grew up in the metro Atlanta area, where farmland is sparse and suburban residents have no need for heavy duty John Deere agricultural equipment to manicure their manageable front yards… Nevertheless, I had peers who would not leave home without their trademark John Deere trucker hats solidworks 2018 student. I always knew that the brand had a longstanding, loyal following in the Southeast, but during my teen years, I viewed it as more of a trend- wearing John Deere paraphernalia made people my age appear “rugged” and “outdoorsy” outlook shared folder download. Looking back, I wonder if even half of the John Deere-clad teenagers I knew had ever stood within 3 feet of an actual tractor!

An article on discusses John Deere’s current campaign, called “What Will You Create.” It features actual customers who have accomplished amazing agricultural feats using John Deere equipment herunterladen. For example, take Larry Carlson, a New Yorker who transformed a 5 acre potato field into a Tuscan-inspired panorama of gardens and mazes using tractors made by- you guessed it- John Deere picasa kostenlos deutsch windows 7. Keep reading…

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Toyota, Tylenol, and How One “Bachelor” Contestant Could Use Promotional Products in Her Everyday Life

vvvracerOn Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor: The Women Tell All,”* Southern Belle and single mother Ella commented on the behavior of fellow bachelorette (and also the instigator of much of this season’s drama), Vienna, by saying:

“She would do and say things she would not think about before she did them microsoft teams herunterladen pc. She may be sorry for them later, but then if you continue that after ‘I’m sorrys,’ it’s not going to fly.”

At the time, I paused and pondered Ella’s statement daw herunterladen. Although perhaps not the most eloquently put version of a value that I have been taught from a young age, her honesty and simple interpretation of why Vienna lost her credibility were refreshing herunterladen. “I’m sorry” can be a powerful phrase, but overusing it may cause the listener to become skeptical of the apologetic individual or party’s sincerity herunterladen.

A recent BrandWeek article about Millward Brown’s list of “most trusted and recommended brands” brought to light a shining example of the impact of apologies in the corporate world herunterladen. The list is based on the survey responses of over 20,000 U.S. consumers at the end of 2009. Tylenol, ranked 6th on the list, happens to have had numerous recalls over the years, including one in 2009, the year in which the data for this study was collected kostenloses diashow programmen. Eileen Campbell, global CEO of Millward Brown, explained the company’s high ranking by saying, “Doing well in a crisis actually builds trust.”

Toyota, number 7 on the list, only began facing scrutiny in early 2010 regarding the safety of their vehicles, so I am curious to see how the established car manufacturer’s trust rating will fare among consumers in the future herunterladen. Personally, I think Toyota’s crisis recovery efforts have been outstanding, and by admitting their lapses in quality assurance and promising to improve, they have already begun to regain the respect of many consumers geburtstagswünsche downloaden kostenlos. Think about how you react after you make a mistake: I know that I am overly cautious because of fear of repeating the same error. I guess only time will tell if Toyota will exhibit the same staying power as Tylenol musik herunterladen für mp3 player.

As for Vienna, I think her actions have alienated the vast majority of Bachelor viewers, but hey, she still has a chance to get the guy counter strike 1.6 download chip deutsch kostenlos! Maybe he will be more receptive to her apologies than Ella and the rest of her former housemates; if all else fails, she could try imprinting the words “I’m sorry” on promotional products as tokens of her on-going remorse instead of just saying them time and again. :)

* As many of my coworkers know, I tune into a variety of reality shows, from “Say Yes to the Dress,” to “The Real Housewives of ____” (you could fill in practically any city name/season and chances are I have seen the majority of the episodes), to, I’m almost ashamed to admit, “The Bachelor.” Although not the most mentally stimulating, hopefully this blog has proven reality tv’s capacity to teach valuable life lessons to unassuming viewers like myself.

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Chance Encounters Due to Fate? Or to Promotional Business Card Magnets?

luisar-/busy-streetDuring a trip to New York City this weekend, I learned that Jaime could not be more right about the value of the traditional promotional business card magnet herunterladen. I was in the Big Apple visiting my college roommate, Amanda, and on my first night in town we ran into a group of girls that we were friends with in school but with whom we had since lost touch completely Get to over it. Now, Manhattan holds the title of the largest city in the United States (based on population) and if I had to guess, I’d say the city is home to the most bars and restaurants too herunterladen. With such an assortment of options, what are the odds of randomly encountering old friends at a restaurant? The chances are a lot smaller than one would think, when taking the company’s effective use of promotional products into account spotify desktop app herunterladen.

Consider this scenario: Amanda was excited for my visit and, since our love of food has always been something over which we bond, she was looking for a fun, new restaurant to try download images from mycloud. She narrowed down the various locales (she picked the slightly edgy Meatpacking District), but still seemed overwhelmed by the number of choices. After reading restaurant reviews online and coming up empty-handed, she needed a break and walked into the kitchen for a refreshing glass of water herunterladen. And it was there, on the freezer, that she discovered the answer. Amanda’s roommate had enjoyed the fine fare of a French restaurant in Meatpacking District the previous month and had subsequently brought home the restaurant’s promotional business card magnet lachen herunterladen. As a personal recommendation from another foodie speaks highly about a restaurant, we decided to try to the French café.

The cuisine was delightful and so was the atmosphere, especially because we spotted our former friends as soon we walked into the quaint little restaurant youtube video als mp3en iphone. After the hugging and giggling subsided, I asked them how they picked the place. Their reply: “a business card magnet, of course!”


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How to Increase Online Sales: Promotional Products for Web-Savvy Seniors

Dave Dugdale-wheelmouseWhile jean leggings, Swedish nail beds, and other fads of 2009 have mostly come and gone with the passing year, some shopping trends are here to stay herunterladen. In 2009 more seniors were shopping online than ever before, and experts predict this will be an ongoing trend. The new senior market offers many advertising opportunities, making it important to stay educated about how to effectively reach this group herunterladen.

Seniors- defined by the U.S. Census Bureau as those aged 65 or older- are the fastest growing segment in the United States and moreover the group with the largest disposable income and ability to make purchase decisions (unlike teens who also have large disposable incomes but often have their spending controlled or limited by parents) images programs for free. In fact, seniors spend over $7 billion online according to research by SeniorMag.

So, how do companies target the influential senior demographic film auf netflixen? One important detail to recognize when marketing to seniors is that older men and women often have more time to research products and are less likely to buy on impulse herunterladen. That being said, seniors are increasingly turning to the Internet in order to compare items and they often make their purchases online too.

In order to appeal to this developing demographic, companies that focus heavily on e-commerce need to ensure that their sites are user-friendly windows 7 64 bit. Marketers can do this by posting pictures of seniors using their products and writing promotional material that contains relevant and interesting information, as seniors are often skeptical of ads that sound too “sale-sy.” Since seniors are more likely to trust companies that they view as honest and practical, distributing promotional products is another effective way to garner attention and loyalty from the senior audience because it allows them to sample functional products while reinforcing a brand name garmin etrex touch 35 route downloaden.

Although seniors are often savvier shoppers than teens and baby boomers who shop online, they are typically interested in the same types of products as younger audiences audiobook children download. Top purchases made by seniors include travel tickets and hotel arrangements, MP3 players and other electronics, and apparel spyro downloaden ps4. And, Americans over the age of 65 are some of the most loyal you can find, evidenced by an AARP survey showing that more than 80% of seniors who shopped online were satisfied with their purchases nationalhymnen downloaden. Just don’t try to sell them the latest heavy metal CD! / CC BY-SA 2.0 / CC BY 2.0

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A Promotional Products Bill of Rights

As a United States citizen and more specifically, an avid blog writer, the right to freedom of speech is very important to me herunterladen. That’s why I wanted to take the time to honor the fact that today is Bill of Right’s Day. The United States Bill of Rights, otherwise known as the first ten Constitutional amendments made to protect citizens’ privileges and interests, first came into effect 218 years ago on December 15, 1791 Claas dlc free download. Since then, other laws have been created to protect citizens and various customer behaviors, including the Consumer Bill of Rights that was created by President John F jhxgames texture pack downloaden. Kennedy, Jr. in 1962.

After much frustration over faulty products and little manufacturer liability, President Kennedy decided that consumers had the prerogative to protect themselves from defective products, false or exaggerated advertising and generally unethical corporate practices and procedures flyer to download. This sentiment has evolved over the years and, with the ability to shop online and compare prices, is more important than ever these days.

As a consumer in the promotional products industry, you have right to be safe, the right to choose your products and distributors freely, the right to have your product requests be heard and the right to be educated about new items on the market cisco webex teams. You also have the right to be informed about production schedules and all costs, rules and regulations that may apply to your purchases. One common regulation was discussed in Jaime Weinstein’s blog about Prop 65 photo's google foto's. Although it only relates to products distributed in California, Prop 65, along with an entire Consumer Product Safety Commission, was created as part of many consumer rights’ acts image on iphone.

Your right to staying well informed is one part of the broader guarantee to high-quality service from professional account teams. So the next time you shop for promotional products, make sure you use your rights wisely by choosing a company that fits all of these needs and guarantees your consumer rights tinder op computer!



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Shopping Online for Promotional Products? Try PPAI Award Nominated Pinnacle Promotions.

Pinnacle Promotions has been selected as a nominee for not one, but TWO 2010 PPAI Web Awards. These prestigious awards are given to distributor and supplier members of the promotional products industry based on demonstrated excellence in five distinctive categories herunterladen. We have been nominated for the categories of “Functionality/Usability” and “Visual Design/Creativity.”

To me, both of these nominations speak to Pinnacle’s role as an innovator vimeo video download for free. A recent blog post by Rosabeth Moss Kanter discusses why “steady progress – step by single step – can win internal support and the external race for share of market or share of mind.” She discusses several characteristics of innovations most likely to effectively garner support, and the attribute that struck me as most closely aligned with Pinnacle’s accomplishments is tangibility mahjong 3d free. In her explanation of what “tangible” innovations entail, she states that:

“It offers concrete results that can be seen to make a difference in something that users need and value.”

What do our users need ftb launcher? What do they value? We think that an intuitive website and enjoyable shopping experience are ultimately two of the most sought-after ideals of buyers when choosing a promotional products distributor charts free. So what broad areas constitute these two components? Why, “Functionality/Usability” and “Visual Design/Creativity,” of course. From the addition of Quick Links and Themes on our homepage to provide ideas for customers who are “just browsing,” to the recent reorganization of the navigation bar at the top of our site to make it easier to peruse our most popular categories, every change we make happens for a reason: our customers kostenlose wimmelbildspiele downloaden. In every facet of our website, we strive to create personal connections with our visitors. Even now, I can tell you that our team is hard at work improving our website and thinking of new ways to enhance the overall experience delivered by a visit to our site filmora for free. After fourteen years of “step by single step” innovation, it seems fitting that Pinnacle Promotions has been nominated for recognition within our industry herunterladen. We are humbled by this great honor and whether we win or lose in January, we look forward to retaining our status as an innovator for many years to come herunterladen!

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