Promotional Products on Mars

Breaking news: Pinnacle Promotions has become the first promotional products distributor to receive an order for promotional products to be featured at a trade show on Mars. The event is scheduled to occur on July 8, 2010 and will host companies from a range of industries including cable providers, plumbers, and electricians.


Did I trick you? Well, if you are anywhere near as gullible as I am, April Fools Day is the one day a year where other, more cynical people can relate to our predicament. One April Fools Day when I was in the sixth grade, a close friend informed me in the morning that her father had decided to accept a job in Alaska and she was moving at the end of the week. Of course, I had forgotten that it was April Fools Day and fell for her blatant lie hook, line, and sinker. She strung me along for about an hour before she took pity on me and came clean about her story.

Many well-known brands and corporations take part in the April Fools Day shenanigans annually. Here are a couple of my favorite past examples, as well as their hilarious outcomes:

1.    1985: Beloved sports magazine Sports Illustrated features an article about Sidd Finch, the Mets’ new star pitcher that can throw a ball at a jaw-dropping 168 mph. The only problem? Finch, who allegedly attended Harvard before learning the art of baseball in Tibet, was no more than a fictional character designed as a prank.

2.    1996: Taco Bell claims to have purchased the Liberty Bell and effectively renamed the historic monument as the “Taco Liberty Bell.” No one was more surprised than the employees at Philadelphia’s National Park Service, who were not forewarned before receiving a bevy of phone calls and inquiries about the rights to the Bell.

3.    2009: Travel Web site Expedia offers flights to Mars for $99, along with details of hotels across various locations on the planet. Perhaps our dear customers- the trade show attendees you read about above- could benefit from this deal.

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