Top 10 Best Custom Plastic Cups

Explore Pinnacle’s collection of the 10 best custom plastic cups, perfect for business events, giveaways, or as staff or client gifts. Our range includes everything from the classic 16 oz custom plastic cups to vibrant custom plastic stadium cups. Tailored to meet your branding needs, these cups are ideal for making a lasting impression. 

1. Big Game Stadium Cup – 22 oz.

Elevate your event with Big Game Plastic Custom Stadium Cups – 22 oz., an eco-friendly choice for your promotional needs. Crafted in the USA from up to 25% post-industrial polypropylene material, it’s BPA-free and FDA-approved, ensuring a safe drinking experience. Perfect for sports events, these reusable cups offer a practical way to display your brand prominently. Each cup’s design and print quality ensures your logo stands out, making it an excellent choice for giveaways and business promotions.

2. Mood Plastic Stadium Cup – 12 oz.

Add a splash of fun to your event with 12 oz. Mood Plastic Custom Stadium Cups. Watch as the cup changes color with cold liquids, captivating all ages. Crafted from durable plastic in four eye-catching colors, it’s a playful choice for promotional events or as children’s drinkware. Safe for top-shelf dishwashing, this mood cup is as convenient as it is entertaining. Ideal for businesses seeking a unique and memorable giveaway, it’s a cup that keeps your brand in the spotlight.

3. Full-Color Stadium Cup – 32 oz.

Make a bold statement with the Full-Color Stadium Cup – 32 oz., a large and durable option for your custom branding needs. This USA-made cup is BPA-free and meets FDA requirements, ensuring a high-quality and safe drinking experience. Its sturdy, reusable design makes it perfect for large events or as a unique giveaway item. Hand washing is recommended to maintain its vibrant full-color imprint. Ideal as custom plastic cups for business events, this cup is a practical and visually striking promotional tool.

4. Full-Color Frost Flex Stadium Cup – 16 oz.

The Full-Color Frost Flex Plastic Custom Stadium Cups – 16 oz. combines style and practicality. Made in the USA, this BPA-free cup adheres to FDA requirements, assuring quality and safety. Its sturdy, reusable design is ideal for various events, making it a versatile promotional item. Hand washing is recommended to preserve the stunning full-color design. Perfect for businesses looking to enhance their brand visibility, these custom 16 oz plastic cups offer a unique and memorable way to showcase your logo or message.

5. Nite Glow Stadium Cup/Straw/Lid Set – 12 oz.

Illuminate your brand with the 12 oz. Nite Glow Stadium Cup/Straw/Lid Set. This unique set includes an imprint cup, frosted lid, and blank glow-in-the-dark straw, perfect for nighttime events or parties. The durable plastic construction ensures longevity, while the top shelf dishwasher-safe feature adds convenience. Available in mix-and-match colors, these cups and straws offer customizable options to align with your branding. Ideal for businesses seeking an eye-catching promotional item, these custom plastic cups for business are sure to make your logo stand out.

6. Sun Fun Stadium Cup – 17 oz.

Brighten up your promotion with 17 oz. Sun Fun Stadium customized plastic cups, which change color in sunlight for an engaging visual effect. Constructed from durable plastic, it comes in 11 vivid colors, perfect for outdoor events. Made in the USA and BPA-free, this cup offers two styles of optional lids for versatility. Ideal for companies hosting outdoor gatherings or looking for a unique giveaway, these color-changing plastic custom cups are a fun and practical choice, ensuring your brand shines in any setting.

7. Rainbow Confetti Mood Cup – 17 oz.

Celebrate in style with 17 oz. Rainbow Confetti Mood customized plastic cups. Watch as the confetti pattern changes color with ice-cold liquids, adding a vibrant touch to any event. Safe for top-shelf dishwashing, this cup is as practical as it is playful. Available in red, blue, green, purple, and orange confetti colors, it offers a fun way to showcase your brand. Perfect for parties, company events, or as a unique promotional item, this mood cup is sure to be a crowd-pleaser.

8. Beach Nik™

Introducing Beach Nik™, the must-have for any beach day or outdoor event. This clever invention holds drinks, phones, and essentials, preventing sand from ruining your day. Easily insert it into the ground or sand for a stable hold. Made in the USA, the optional lid adds extra protection for your items. Beach Nik™ is not just a convenient accessory; it’s a smart way to promote your brand at beaches, parks, and outdoor festivals, offering a unique and practical solution for everyone.

9. Frost Flex Cup – 10 oz.

The Frost Flex Cup – 10 oz. combines durability and style for your promotional needs. Made in the USA and adhering to FDA requirements, this sturdy, reusable cup is BPA-free. It’s an ideal choice for events, offering a practical yet elegant way to display your brand. Its sleek design and hand wash recommendation ensure long-lasting use. Ideal for businesses looking for an upscale yet functional giveaway, these plastic custom cups enhance any event while keeping your brand in the limelight.

10. Fluted Stadium Cup – 16 oz.

These fluted custom 16 oz plastic cups present a classic design for your custom branding needs. Made in the USA, it’s BPA-free and meets all FDA requirements, ensuring a safe and quality product. Perfect for various events, from sports to corporate gatherings, this cup offers a unique way to showcase your brand. Its durable design and recommended hand wash care make it a lasting souvenir. Ideal for businesses seeking an elegant yet practical promotional item, this fluted cup elevates your brand with every use.

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