Top 10 Custom Golf Towels

Discover Pinnacle’s selection of the top 10 custom golf towels, the ideal addition to any golfer’s kit. These customized golf towels, ranging from luxurious velour to quick-drying microfiber, are perfect for branding. Whether as giveaways, staff gifts, or client presents, our branded golf towels combine functionality with style. Choose from a variety of designs to find the perfect custom golf towel with logo that aligns with your brand and elevates your promotional strategy.

1. Hemmed Color Golf Towel – 15″ x 18″

Enhance your golf experience with our Hemmed Color Golf Towel, a standout in customized golf towels. This durable and soft towel, complete with a brass grommet and hook, will look amazing with your logo on it! It’s a practical choice for any golf event, ensuring your brand stands out on the green.

2. Dye Sublimated Golf Towel

Our Dye Sublimated Golf Towel is a prime example of memorable customized golf towels. Quick to absorb and dry, they’re the perfect surface for showcasing your logo. Ideal for golfers who value both style and functionality, this towel is an excellent choice for displaying your brand at tournaments or for giving away as promotional gifts.

3. Triangle Fold Golf Towel

The Triangle Fold Golf Towel offers a unique twist on custom golf towels. Made from soft polyester fleece and featuring a leatherette header, it’s another perfect choice for displaying your brand uniquely and memorably. Choose this stylish and functional towel for a sophisticated approach to golf gifts for staff, clients or trade show guests.

4. Golf Towel with Full Color

Showcase your brand vibrantly with our Golf Towel with Full Color. This plush golf towel allows for edge-to-edge branding, making it an excellent canvas for your logo. Perfect for high-profile golf events, this towel is a luxurious choice for branded golf towels.

5. Port Authority Microfiber Golf Towel

The Port Authority Microfiber Golf Towel is essential for any golfer. This lightweight, ultra-absorbent custom golf towel is excellent for keeping equipment clean. Customize this towel to create a memorable custom golf towel with logo, ideal for golf outings and promotional events.

6. Slowtide® Links Golf Towel

Our Slowtide® Links Golf Towel is a standout in eco-friendly golf gifts and giveaways. Made from 100% recycled materials, it’s the right product to go with when you need environmentally conscious branding. Customize this absorbent towel with your logo to create a unique gift, perfect for any green-focused golfer.

7. Peter Millar Tour Caddy Towel

The Peter Millar Tour Caddy Towel sets the standard for luxury in custom golf towels. Crafted from a soft cotton blend, this towel is another great choice when you are looking for a unique way to expose your brand. Choose this elegant towel for a classy addition to your branded golf towels collection.

8. 16″ x 24″ Designer Woven Towel with Addl Scrubber

Our Designer Woven Towel is a top choice in custom golf towels. Made in the USA and featuring additional scrubbers, it’s perfect for showcasing your logo. This high-quality towel is a sophisticated option for branded golf towels at upscale golf events.

9. 16″ x 25″ Golf Towel w/ Grommet & Hook

This Golf Towel combines practicality with style, making it a great choice for customized golf towels. Featuring a handy grommet and hook, it’s a cool way to display your brand. Ideal for golf tournaments and promotional events, this towel is a functional and stylish choice when you are looking for branded golf towels for gifts and giveaways.

10. 16″ x 19″ Designer Woven Golf Towel

Our Designer Woven Golf Towel exemplifies elegance in custom golf towels. Crafted from premium cotton, it looks great when customized with a logo. This towel is a luxurious choice and perfect for exclusive golf events and as high-end promotional gifts.

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