A Promotional Products Remedy for the Common Cold

Sneezing, runny nose, scratchy throat – yes many of us know all too well the symptoms that correspond with acute viral rhinopharyngitis, or a “cold.” In fact, the common cold is indeed so common that it is the number one cause of lost work time (about 150 million workdays), followed closely by diarrhea – but that’s a remedy for another day. Of course there are several ways to avoid being stricken with the cold virus, and if you do happen to catch it, ways to make yourself better. And surprise – there’s a whole bunch of promotional products out there that can help you feel and get better too!

Promotional Hand Sanitizer – Avoid getting sick to begin with by using hand sanitizer. Available as a gel, spray, or even a wet wipe, you can promote your business while encouraging recipients to keep their hands clean and stop spreading germs.

Promotional Tissue Packs – Okay so maybe your hand sanitizer recipients didn’t really use the product as often as they should have, and indeed they have a cold. Well then they are certainly going to make use of plenty of tissues and promotional tissue packs make it easy to have them handy at all times.

Promotional Sports Bottle – Make sure to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water – and remind yourself to do so by keeping a promotional sports bottle at hand! Water helps loosen congestion and combat dehydration that is a common side effect of over-the-counter medications that can dry you out.

Well I am off to blow my nose in my promotional tissues, drink some water from my promotional sports bottle, and clean my hands with my promotional hand sanitizer. Here’s to a healthier tomorrow!

Team Lead – Multimedia

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