Corporate Holiday Gifts That Last All Year Long

When buying corporate holiday gifts it is ideal for the gift you are giving to have a long lasting impact.  You want your customers or clients to remember your company or organization throughout the year.  Here are some unique ideas to make sure your corporate holiday gifts last all year long.

1. Create your own Candy of the Month Club

Buy an imprinted candy jar and fill it with gourmet treats or candies, like the Jelly Belly Apothecary Jar (pictured above).   Include a personalized note and let them know you plan to refill their jar throughout the year.  Mail or drop off new treats for national holidays, bizarre holidays, or anytime!  Some ideas are Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, National Candy Day (Nov 4th), National Gummy Worm Day (July 15th), and of course Halloween.  Don’t show up to your client without candy or a sweet treat in your hand… it’s inexpensive and yet brightens their day!

2. Give a Calendar that Can be Used Year after Year

Unlike a regular yearly calendar, a perpetual calendar can be used year over year for an impact that goes far beyond a one year shelf life.  The Moma Cubes Perpetual Calendar is a decorative desktop gift that would stay on your recipient’s desk for years to come.  A recent survey by MarketTools Inc, found that 41% of respondents referred someone to the business that gave them a calendar.

3. Give them somewhere to put their phone.

With more people purchasing a smartphone than a PC currently, a cellphone holder is an ideal gift that will be used daily. The Phone Friend Stand and Bank serves two purposes it holds your phone and also gives you a place to put your loose change.  Another cool feature is that it swivels… I think of it as my phone’s little La-z-boy.

4. Let them choose a magazine subscription of their choice.

Magazine subscriptions have long been known as the gift that keeps on giving.  It has been a bestseller for years because people enjoy getting magazines in the mail that feature articles and images of their interests.  You can now offer them a Magazine Subscription Custom Gift Card so your customer can choose their own subscription and each month you can delight them.

5. Give them a useful gift that saves space and our planet.

With recent city bans and an overall move to reduce the use of plastic bags, reusable grocery bags have become a popular product used on weekly shopping visits.  The Foldable Reusable Grocery Bag is my favorite because it is easily folded down and snaps securely together.  When folded, this bag fits perfectly in the chair pocket of your car.  Reusable grocery bags are a great advertising tool because people carry these bags to the grocery store, to farmers markets, and they are used to tote food to their friend’s for dinner.


When researching business gifts for your clients, take the time to consider products that will have a lasting impact even after the holidays.  It may take a little more time and effort to select, but a quality, well-thought out gift will garner better results for you and your organization.  Visit our website to see our full selection of Corporate Holiday gifts.



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Thanks so much for these ideas. Do you suggest trying all of them or maybe one or two? What criteria do you use to distinguish which customer to use an idea with or does it matter? I look forward to hearing from you again.

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