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Custom Jackets vs. Custom Shirts: What’s The Best Bang For Your Buck?

The time has come. You are in charge of the event planning for the local 5k to help raise funds for your nonprofit. It’s scheduled for November. While you have high hopes for nice weather, you know there is always a chance that a chilly, rainy day could be on the horizon. When your marketing intern comes to you with that dreaded question, “Should I order custom jackets or custom shirts for the 5k?” You sit in your office and ponder…which should you pick?

At Pinnacle Promotions, we are the experts in promotional apparel, custom jackets and custom shirts. In this blog, we will walk you through the benefits of custom jackets, and the ‘why’ behind custom shirts and help you decide which is best for your event. 

Getting to Know Custom Jackets

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Promotional jackets are a fantastic way to showcase your company’s brand. From light windbreakers to cozy fleece, custom jackets are functional and practical for a variety of uses. They are popular among businesses, sports teams, schools, non-profit organizations, and event organizers — and for a good reason. According to the ASICentral 2023 Ad Impressions, 41% of consumers would be more likely to do business with an advertiser that gave them logoed outerwear or fleece. 

What Are the Benefits of Custom Jackets? 

Custom jackets offer a wide range of benefits for your brand. Here are some key advantages:

Brand Promotion: First and foremost, custom jackets can offer your brand a lot of mobile real estate. When your customers or employees wear a logoed jacket, it helps increase brand visibility and recognition.

Professional Image: Outfitting employees or team members in custom jackets creates a professional and cohesive look, which instill trust in customers and help attendees recognize who is working or volunteering at a specific event. 

Employee Morale: Employees love a well-thought-out gift. Customized jackets can help boost office morale and team spirit, fostering a sense of belonging and pride.

Versatility: The coolest thing about custom jackets? They come in so many different styles! Custom jackets come in all shapes and sizes, perfect for different seasons and activities.

Gifts and Incentives: Just like your team, customers and clients love gifts too! Branded jackets make excellent gifts, rewards or incentives for customers and clients, strengthening relationships.

Unique Style: Customization allows you to create one-of-a-kind designs that align with your brand or personal style, setting you apart from the crowd. 

Weather Protection: Depending on the type of jacket, they can offer protection from the elements, such as rain, wind, or cold temperatures. 

Longevity: Well-made custom jackets may be on the more expensive side but these apparel items can last for years, ensuring prolonged exposure for your brand or message! 

Custom jackets bring a mix of branding, a professional touch, and practicality to the table, making them a smart and valuable choice.

The ‘Why’ Behind Custom Shirts

Custom shirts are a popular choice for individuals and businesses to convey a specific message or promote a brand identity. For instance, businesses often distribute custom shirts at trade shows and conferences as promotional merchandise, fostering brand recognition. 

Many companies also utilize them as uniforms for employees, projecting a professional and cohesive image. On a more personal note, custom shirts are ideal for commemorating special occasions like weddings, family reunions, or milestone birthdays, where personalized designs and messages add a memorable touch. 

Non-profit organizations leverage custom shirts to raise funds and spread awareness for their causes, while schools use them to bolster school spirit during events and competitions. Whether for team-building, celebrations, or marketing, custom shirts offer a blend of professionalism and individuality to meet various needs.

What Are the Benefits of Choosing Custom Shirts? 

At one time or another, we have all received a custom shirt. Whether from summer camp as a kid or at a corporate team-building event, shirts are one of the most popular apparel choices. Trust us when we say we know a thing or two about how custom shirts can make a difference in your next campaign or event. Here’s a breakdown of the top benefits: 

Rock Your Brand: Just like custom jackets, custom shirts put your logo front and center, making it stand out in the crowd and leaving a lasting impression.

Spread the Word: The average American owns about 16 promotional t-shirts. That means you have the opportunity to create a unique custom shirt that can become a walking billboard, taking your brand message far and wide.

Take It Home: For special events like weddings and reunions, custom shirts become cherished keepsakes. 

Fundraising Marvel: For non-profits, custom shirts are like superheroes — they help raise funds as purchasable merch and shine a spotlight on your cause.

Promo Power: For business conferences or trade shows, shirts are the secret weapon for leaving a memorable mark.

Feel-Good Fit: One of the best things about shirts is their versatility and cost-effectiveness! Whether it’s a workout or a workday, custom athletic or work shirts can be designed for ultimate comfort and performance.

So, whether you’re boosting brand recognition or simply looking good, custom shirts have got your back, making them a functional and winning choice for all sorts of situations.

How to Make Custom Jackets and Shirts Unique

With all these benefits, how can you create a one-of-a-kind custom jacket or custom shirt for your audience? At Pinnacle Promotions, we are the go-to experts on how to create a truly unique promotional experience, but to help you get started, here are a few key tips:

Pick Your Perfect Base: First things first, choose a jacket or shirt style that suits your vibe. Whether you’re into a classic tee or sporty windbreakers, find custom apparel that feels like your brand.

Dive into Design: Get creative with your designs, logos or artwork. If you’re not a design whiz, don’t sweat it – collaborate with a talented graphic designer who can bring your vision to life.

Splash of Color: Think about the color scheme that speaks to you or represents your brand. Consider how those colors will pop on your jacket or shirt’s fabric.

Place It Right: Decide where your custom magic will happen — front, back, or sleeves. Where you put your design matters for maximum impact.

Quality Matters: Make sure to choose quality materials! Quality threads and inks ensure your customizations stay sharp and vivid over time.

Test Run: Before going big, create a prototype to fine-tune your design. Consider getting a sample if you find a jacket or shirt you love but want to check out the quality beforehand. 

Should I Give Out Custom Jackets or Shirts?

Now that we’ve looked at all the aspects of custom jackets and custom shirts, it’s time to choose! Let’s do a short review:

Custom Jackets

Custom jackets are a statement piece that not only keeps your team or customers warm but also ensures your logo or message is on full display. Jackets are fantastic for the cooler months, outdoor events, or trendy employee uniforms. They are a slightly more expensive option but often worth the extra expense.

Custom Shirts

On the flip side, custom shirts are like the Swiss Army knives of custom apparel. They come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, suitable for every occasion. They’re perfect for any season, ideal for mass giveaways, and cost-effective.

Why Quality Matters Most

Here’s the golden rule: no matter your choice, quality reigns supreme. Invest in well-crafted, comfortable, and durable jackets or shirts. Why? Because it’s not just about what you give; it’s about how long it sticks around. Quality ensures your custom apparel becomes a cherished asset and that go-to item that your recipients pull from their closets again and again. This is really how you make the biggest impact at your next event.

In the end, the choice between jackets or shirts depends on your specific needs and the season. Just remember, it’s quality that truly sets you apart and leaves a lasting impression.

The Perfect Choice for Your Brand’s Apparel

The debate between custom jackets and custom shirts may seem daunting, but fear not – we’re here to help you make a confident decision. We know that when your event comes, you will have not only chosen the best apparel that will turn heads but it will be designed with perfection. 

At Pinnacle Promotions, we’re your go-to experts for custom apparel and promotional items. Whether it’s jackets, shirts, or any other branding solution, we’ve got you covered. Reach out to us today for expert guidance and assistance in planning your next promotional project. Together, let’s make it a resounding success! Contact us at 877.300.2007 today!

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