Engage with Customers with Promotional Products

In today’s fast paced, virtual landscape it is becoming more important than ever to engage with your customers. It has become commonplace to communicate via text, purchase products on your mobile and download music online. We can go through an entire day without actually interacting with another human face-to-face. As humans we crave interaction and a tangible way for companies to fill this need is to use promotional products, like puzzles or games.

I recently read an article on Springwise.com about a Canadian musican that offered a DIY cardboard turntable with his new album. This limited edition version came with a make-your-own cardboard turntable that actually plays the record! This was thoughtfully created to “invoke the old-time aspect of blues music and toy-building activities reminiscent of childhood, as well as forcing the listener to put in some work and attention in order to hear the music.”  What a unique way to get fans to engage with this musician and his music!

By using a promotional product you have a physical branded product that your customers and fans can hold in their hands.  If you incorporate a nostalgic toy or puzzle you can get people to slow down and play or build something.  This creates an experience that your fans won’t soon forget.  Here are two promotional products that came to mind after reading this great marketing case study.

Pieceless Puzzle

This fun jigsaw puzzle has all pieces connected in one continuous piece; never to be lost.  Print your marketing message in full color and mail this to your client.  After they solve the puzzle they can use it as a mouse pad or coaster (when they aren’t playing with it!)


Tumbling Tower Block Game

We all remember playing Jenga as a kid, right?! This game includes 54 stackable wood blocks and comes in a 2-piece wooden carrying case printed with your logo.  This would make a playful Holiday gift!


Unlike other forms of marketing, by using promotional products you can associate your brand with a positive, interactive experience.  What other ways have you been able to engage with your customers and fans?


-Merchandising Manager


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