Heather’s Product Pick of the Week: Chalkboard Promotional Ceramic Mug

Chalkboards and chalkboard paint has been all the rage in interior design and home goods for the last few years fotos von twitter herunterladen. More and more homes are featuring framed chalkboards and even chalkboard painted walls and products in their kitchens, offices and playrooms.  And why not herunterladen?  Drawing with chalk is just fun!  And maybe it is nostalgic and brings you back to your school days when you dreamed of having one of those fancy chalk holders your third grade teacher had and a freshly cleaned chalkboard to draw all over app to videos from facebook. Either way, I’m sure drawing with chalk brings you back, right?

I love when a promotional product has an element of fun and the Chalk It Up Ceramic Mug has just that herunterladen auf ital.

It is made with a unique chalkboard surface with your logo on one side and a blank slate on the other.  It also comes with 2 pieces of chalk so your recipients can start getting creative right away youtubeeren.

Tip: Engage with your recipients and ask them to draw something on their mug, take a picture, and post it to your Facebook page (or other social network) becker navi karten kostenlosen.  Give out prizes for the most creative picture and give all customers a small giveaway item or promotional coupon for participating.  If you are in charge of social media for your company, you know that pictures are the perfect tool to engage with your customers online herunterladen.  From doodles and inspirational quotes, to drawings of their cat, it will be fun to see what they come up with! This creates an opportunity to give your customers or clients an experience with your brand and a moment to be creative and funny herunterladen.

The Chalk It Up Ceramic Mug is just one of the many new and unique promotional items we offer virus protection for free.  Don’t settle for ordinary branded merchandise, choose something unique and fun that you can incorporate into your existing social media marketing and promotional efforts herunterladen.



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