I’m endorsing the X-One Promotional Mug

I’ve mentioned on here before that I’m a fiend for podcasts, and one of my regular shows is Slate’s Culture Gabfest. Each week at the end of the hour-long podcast the group goes around and endorses a film, book, article, other podcast, or anything else they have recently discovered and love. I started following Roger Ebert on Twitter, for example, due to one of these endorsements (Dana Stevens’, I think).

So in the tradition of endorsements, I’m going to recommend my latest favorite drinkware item, the X-One Promotional Mug.

14 oz. X-One Promotional Mug

The X-One Promotional Mug is small and lightweight, but comes in 10 bright colors and has a large area for imprint. I take travel mugs to work every day, and I’m pretty rough on them — tossing them into my bag and leaving them to roll around on the floorboard of my car. One forgotten mug even fell off the roof of my car once as I was driving. Another fell out of the drink holder in my backpack as I was riding my bike down the street. (I can’t explain why I thought that would work.)

I always recommend travel mugs as promotional items with a high-perceived value and attractive design, but the drawback is always the cost. That’s what’s great about the X-One: It’s actually our least expensive travel mug at around the $2 mark.

It’s not for everybody — Sarah says she feels like she can’t hold it without dropping it — but to me it’s the perfect lightweight, don’t-worry-too-much-about it, attractive, eye-catching drinkware item.

I bet it wouldn’t fall out of my backpack’s cupholder. And if it did, it would probably take the fall in stride.

Check out our X-One Promotional Mug’s typical day the office in this Facebook album.

Acree Graham
Marketing Coordinator

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