Kim’s Product Pick of the Week: The Lanybook

What’s a Lanybook you say?

Well in my humble opinion, it’s one of the neatest and most affordable custom journals available at this time.

In a three-step process, you can have a completely customized product. Pick your notebook color, choose your Lanyband color, then customize your Lanybutton.

Okay, definitions may be in order…

  • Lanybook: A custom notebook complete with Lanyband and Lanybutton.
  • Lanyband: A colored elastic band that helps secure your place in your notebook, and/or keep your notebook securely closed.
  • Lanybutton: A customized button shape that is secured to the Lanyband, but slides up and down freely.

Break away from the composition book. Put away the spiral bound, collage-ruled notebook. The Lanybook is a fun, original and stylish way to brand your business.

Merchandising Manager

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