Maximizing Brand Exposure with Branded Apparel

Brand exposure is important to every business. It’s something that goes beyond a trademarked name or a copyrighted logo, it’s more than an identity. Brand exposure is you and your customers all in one. In this article we’ll explore brand exposure in more depth and how you can achieve all new heights using branded clothing to match.

What is Brand Exposure?

Brand exposure is the amount of publicity your brand can generate. Brand exposure is also how viewable your brand is from all of the verticals such as organic search to the amount of social media followers. For a lack of better terms, brand exposure is how well known your brand is.

Why Brand Exposure Matters

Brand exposure matters a lot and for good reason. Brand exposure matters because it’s what can drive the most sales. The more exposure however does not mean that you will have more sales instantly and the same goes for less exposure, the less your exposure is, will not impact the sales that you can drive, though it could.

What is Branded Apparel?

Branded apparel, better known  as custom apparel is custom clothing that has been branded to a businesses branding guidelines including logo, typography and of course coloring!

Why Branded Apparel Matters

Branded apparel matters for a few reasons, and when it  comes to brand exposure with branded apparel there is only one reason that matters the most: exclusivity.


Exclusivity is something many think of for rare items or a sense of belonging to something unique. In the world of promotional marketing, exclusivity can generate absurd amounts of hype for a brand thus increasing the brands exposure. But how?

It’s simple! 

Whether you’re running a promotional giveaway using branded apparel or offering loyalty rewards that are branded apparel, people love free things from brands. It creates a link between them and you and in the case of apparel, it offers free external marketing.

The act of exclusivity in branded apparel creates customer hype, customers love brands that love them, and in return, your efforts will swiftly pay off by giving your customer a place to call home, in the form of exclusivity and brand loyalty.

Let’s take this a little further for a moment with some internal roleplay:

Sam: Hey Jim! Where did you get that shirt? Who is Pinnacle Promotions?

Jim: I followed Pinnacle Promotions on FaceBook after Sarah shared a post about a giveaway for this shirt. Pinnacle Promotions is a promotional products company that specializes in custom products for marketing campaigns!

Sam: Wow! You sure are lucky, I never win anything!

Jim: They’re running another giveaway right now for all of their existing customers. You should consider ordering a few custom shirts for your fishing store!

Sam: I sure will!

Sarah: I never win anything… but one day, I sure will! Let me just order from Pinnacle Promotions to enter this giveaway! 

The point here is that we’ve created a few levels of exclusivity with the primary object being chance. 

We’ve established that Jim won a giveaway and now loves Pinnacle Promotions enough to share how we got the shirt with Sam. Sam learned that he can order again and try to win the giveaway to be a part of the Jim-exclusive club. Sarah learned that she’s sad but will order once more to try to get into the exclusivity club.

How to Increase Your Brand Exposure with Branded Apparel

Wondering how you can increase brand exposure using nothing but branded apparel? We’ve got you covered. In this section we’ll walk you through the process and the considerations needed to increase your brand’s exposure with custom apparel.

Offer Something Unique

First, consider offering something that’s unique. Offer more than a branded shirt with your logo and colors. Offer some nice custom dress shirts or jackets with exclusive variants such as a one-off coloring or a special logo. Consider adding unique flavors of text to your designs to make them stand out and provide the sense of urgency and exclusivity to generate the extra hype.

We find that offering jackets, backpacks and polo shirts can be most effective simply because of their usefulness in everyday life.

Consider Design Layout

Next, consider how you lay your design out. Once you’ve got your coloring down and your design options, you should reinvest sometime into how it’s all laid out, it really does matter a lot. If you were to see multiple people lining up and they are all wearing athletic hats, two of which have Adias logos on them with the Adias text and two have Nike hats, one has a just do it slogan and the other has the Nike logo, who do you look at first? Well this is subjective because it depends on who you are and who your personality is, however there is a general consensus that goes behind simply looking at someone first, it’s who you’ll remember later. 

Our brains create associations with things that provide a stress-free experience, if you’re a minimalist you might think of the hat with just the Nike logo. If you’re more an attentive type that likes exploration and discovery, then you might think about the hats with the text. 

With association out of the way, you should consider that you are not marketing to your customer, rather you are marketing to the surroundings of your customer.

So, do you sell a minimalist product? Go simple on the design but make it easy to recognize. 

Does your product offer something that minimalist people may not buy? Consider your design variants to have big bold text indicating who you are and what you do, place it on the front and back, make it clean but presentable. 

To recap, make your branded apparel stand out by considering how people outside of your customer see your custom apparel. 

Brand Styles

The very last thing to consider when maximizing your brand exposure is the level of styles you employ in your brand. We’ve talked about this briefly but it ultimately comes down to who you’re targeting. If your branded apparel is orange and your brands colors are pink and gray, then orange probably won’t work.

Do you sell power tools? Chances are you’re not going to be using a barbie-pink coloring option on your branded apparel, you’ll likely use your brand’s colors which obviously can vary. (PS: if you sell power tools and your brand’s colors are barbie-pink, that’s awesome, and we love you!).

Ready to Order Your Branded Apparel? Let Pinnacle Promotions Help Your Brand Exposure Explode!

Maximizing brand exposure takes a lot of hard work but it can be simplified by using branded apparel. If you’re ready to boost your brand exposure shop Pinnacle Promotions endless supply of unique, custom and branded apparel. Get started now! Can’t find what you need? Reach out to us at any time and we’d love to help you!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this article as much as we loved writing it! Have a fantastic day!

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