Perfect, Personal, Promotional Drinkware

So anyone that knows me knows my cup. Insulated, brightly colored and with a 16oz liquid capacity. It is my cup. I have a particular – possibly unhealthy – relationship with said cup. It’s one of those items that you find. You buy. You absolutely LOVE. And you can never. Ever. Find again.

I call it priceless. I’m telling you. I couldn’t even find it on Ebay. I’ve looked everywhere anticipating the inevitable day when I break it, lose it or some other travesty befalls it. Now unfortunately it is getting up there in age, and I am progressively wondering when its last day will come.

So in preparation for that day, I’ve begun my new search for my next “perfect” piece of drinkware. I’m finding that there are in fact many others out there that can, and will, fit the bill. One of the most innovative tumblers that I have come across in my search is the Spirit tumbler. It looks just like a disposable cup with a straw and top that you would get with your to-go order, except it is made out of clear, insulated acrylic.

Colorful, unique and nearly spill-proof, the Spirit tumbler is a great warm-weather alternative to traditional travel mugs. Perfect for traveling with your icy-cold beverages, tumblers keep your drinks cold with a minimal risk for spills.

Whether your favorite is a traditional tumbler, a desk mug, a ceramic coffee mug or aluminum bottle, it is easier than you may think to find a new favorite!

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