Product Picks of the Week: Earth Friendly Apparel

Being green is not a trend anymore; it’s becoming a way of life, a natural progression in both personal lifestyle and corporate culture. As I become greener in my own environment, I had to check out the new green products that are available in corporate apparel. Here are a few fun styles that are eco-friendly and fashionable to boot!

Apparel Made from Recycled Materials:

The Alternative Berke Polo is made with a blend of recycled cotton and recycled polyester. This shirt is very soft to the touch and the perfect canvas to embroider or screen print on.

Berke Polo

And this cap started its life as a plastic bottle! Made from 100% recycled PET, you will feel proud of preventing waste from entering the landfill!
Recycled Cap

Organic Cotton Tee’s:

I love these organic t-shirts by Port and Company. The style is available in Ladies, Men’s and Youth fits, making this tee perfect for all! Since organic cotton is grown and cleaned without harsh chemicals, you can feel good about the message you are sending to the recipient. And with no worries about skin irritations, the end user will want to wear your tee!

Organic T-shirts



Bamboo blended Apparel:

This polo by Port Authority contains bamboo and odor-wicking charcoal. Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly fabrics on the planet; the plant is fast growing and renewable. Bamboo is antibacterial, keeps you dry, is a natural UV protectant, hypoallergenic and is one of the softest natural fabrics.

Bamboo blend Polo

Check out our EarthSmart Apparel.

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