Starbucks Now Accepts…Smart-phones and Travel Mugs

Rob EnslinOn Wednesday, January 19th Starbucks began accepting mobile payments for products at about 6,800 U.S company-operated locations simcity 2013 kostenlos vollversion deutsch. Now, all that frequent “Starbucksers” need is their smart-phone and re-usable travel mugs!

Individuals with a Starbucks’ card (a re-loadable card that offers rewards to frequent buyers) can upload the Starbucks Card Mobile App on to their iPhone, iPod touch, or Blackberry endnote for free. Once in the store, you simply open up the Starbucks Card Mobile App, select “touch to pay” and face the bar-code on the phone toward the 2-D scanner and…voila alarm for cobra 11 for free!

What was wrong with good old cash and Starbucks’ paper cups? After completing some rigorous testing, The company reported that the smart-phone app check out process was faster than using traditional cash or credit card herunterladen. As for the cup, re-usable travel mugs save the earth herunterladen!

Now, getting your Starbucks fix has never been easier. Not only are you saving the planet when you fill up with your travel mugs, but you don’t even have to bring your wallet.

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Sweet promo by Starbucks!

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