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Trendwatching.com released 12 Mini Trends To Run With Now, which consists of 12 “mini” consumer and business trends to keep on your radar.  The one that popped out to me was #7: Juice Jitters, “extended battery life and charging options that are the holy grail for anyone addicted to an online lifestyle”.  It seems like almost everyone today feels the need to be connected 24/7.  All that connectivity really wears on your battery life, especially when you’re traveling.


Trend Watching featured a handbag by fashion designer, Richard Nicoli and Vodafone UK that can power a mobile phone while on the move.  After the bag is charged (via power outlet), it carries up to two days worth of extra battery!  They didn’t say how much it costs, but it reminded me of some of our new charging products and promotional cell phone accessories that have just been released.

The Zoom Energy Square is a battery device compatible with iPhone, Android OS Smartphones, Blackberry and other USB devices.  Takes 6 hours to fully charge and will give an iPhone 1-1/3 charges when an iPhone’s battery is fully drained.  Its small compact size fits easily in your bag, glove compartment or pocket.

The Phone Charging Case, which was Megan’s product pick last week is another really neat charging option for iPhone 4/4S users.  It adds up to an extra 60% additional battery life to your phone… just put on the protective case and you’re golden!  Protects your phone and charges it… genius!


The IDAPT i2p Power Station is an innovative charging device that powers up to 3 devices simultaneously and is compatible with over 4,000 mobile electronic devices including the iPhone and iPad.  Ideal charging dock for your office or home.


Stay on top of the trend this holiday season and give your clients or employees something they want and need. Save them from that “crap, I’m almost out of battery!” moment with a promotional charging device.


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