Coast to Coast: Hot Promotional Products for Every Region

In the Mid-April edition of advertising specialty magazine Advantages, a special report broke down hot promotional products and emerging markets at the regional level. While promotional products in any shape or form are beneficial tools to enhance a brand’s marketing mix, basing product selection on the demographic characteristics of target audiences is a tried and true tactic to increase the effectiveness of a given campaign.

Here at Pinnacle, we have clients throughout the nation, placing orders from small towns and big cities across the country. So which hot promotional products are sweeping the marketplace in your geographic region?

A few key takeaways from Advantages’ report:

-In the South, outdoorsy clientele enjoy recreational promotions, such as drinkware, coolers, and beverage insulators. College football loyalties run high in this part of America, so any products appropriate for tailgates are likely to be a huge success. The long golf season also presents plenty of opportunity for giveaways at venues like corporate golf tournaments and golf fundraising events. The popularity of eco-friendly items continues to drive sales of this category, as well, proving that reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable promotional products are not just a fleeting trend.

-In the Midwest, practical promotional products are the hottest sellers. Rather than opting for unique items, buyers are first and foremost looking for functional giveaways, like snow scrapers and vehicle first-aid kits to distribute in winter. Cold weather gear, in particular, is in high demand throughout most of the chilly Midwest. Retail-inspired sweaters and jackets combine sensibility and style, which can ensure that your promotional campaign achieves lasting exposure. As seen in the South, Midwest sales of eco-friendly promotional products continue to grow.

-Out West, beach-goers appreciate promotional products like lightweight, trendy tees and boardshorts. Many Westerners crave adventure, so items which complement their active lifestyles typically receive the most usage, and therefore the most exposure over time. Other top sellers in this region include tech products, which are ideal for target audiences in areas like Silicon Valley, and stylish caps, such as fedoras, popular among West Coast trendsetters and celebrities.

-In the Northeast, high-tech promotional products are all the rage. From iPad cases to flip cameras and USB-powered portable chargers, the electronics sector dominates this geographic region. The study cites totes and padfolios as hot promotional products for industries like healthcare, financial services, and technology, and travel-friendly giveaways are a great fit for the on-the-go lifestyles of busy professionals in the Northeast.

For more insightful facts about promotional products trends in your region, check out Advantages’ complete Regional Sales Report.

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