Nationwide Promotional Items, Part 3: Northeast

Welcome to the third edition in my blog series featuring promotional product ideas for each of the distinctive regions of the United States. The previous two weeks have focused on West Coast promotional products and Midwestern promotional products, and this week’s theme is promo items for the Northeast.

Take a look at “Coast to Coast: Hot Promotional Products for Every Region” for useful information pertaining to practical promotional product categories for all of the major parts of the country.

For many people, the first major city to come to mind when discussing the Northeast is New York City. “The Big Apple” (see apple stress reliever image at the beginning of this post!) is home to Wall Street, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and a plethora of other notable sights and attractions. New Yorkers are known for their fast-paced lifestyles, distinct accents, and cosmopolitan style, so what better choice for New York promotional products than a swanky custom watch? Unisex or gender specific selections can be found on our website and personalized with your brand’s logo, and recipients will have no excuse for being late with such a practical gift adorning their wrist each and every day. Travel items are also well-received by New Yorkers (and Northeasterners, in general), as other major cities are just a stone’s throw away. Suitcases, carry-on bags, and laptop and tablet cases make fantastic promotional items to residents in this region of the country.

In Philadelphia, as is the case with many other Northeastern cities, the winters are harsh and frigid. For desired end users who spend a significant portion of time in this city, consider Philadelphia promotional products like windbreakers, jackets, scarves, gloves, or ice scrapers to help them brave the cold. Or, opt for promo items with historical significance to highlight Philly’s significance to American heritage. For example, a banner promotional pen featuring scroll-like designs and your brand’s marketing message can allude to the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which occurred in Philadelphia in 1776, or a fully functioning bell with an engraved tagline and logo can align nicely with a Liberty Bell themed campaign.

Boston is another popular city in the Northeast which boasts strong historic ties. From the Boston Common, which is America’s oldest public park, to the Paul Revere House and even Fenway Park, there is no shortage of historic landmarks in the capital city of Massachusetts. For “Bean Town” audiences, think about promotional gifts like pedicure kits, branded with your company’s name and logo, to soothe tired tourists’ feet after they participate in some of the city’s fascinating walking tours. Additionally, the education market is a particularly influential industry in Boston, as prestigious universities like Harvard and MIT call the city home. Appeal to students and professors alike with Boston promotional products like notebooks, pens, binders, and planners.

Didn’t see your Northeastern city mentioned above? Visit Pinnacle’s Geography Center for promotional product recommendations for other American cities, and visit our blog again next Monday for the fourth and final installment of our Nationwide Promotional Items series!

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