Nationwide Promotional Items, Part 2: Midwest

Welcome to the second edition in my blog series featuring promotional product ideas for each of the distinctive regions of the United States. Last week’s post focused on West Coast promotional products and this week’s theme is promo items for the Midwestern states.

If you don’t want to wait another minute to learn about top promo picks for your region, take a look at “Coast to Coast: Hot Promotional Products for Every Region” for useful information pertaining to practical promotional product categories for all of the major parts of the country.

Let’s start our tour of Midwestern promotional products in the region’s most populous city, Chicago. With over 2.5 million residents, Chicago, Illinois is home to a plethora of exciting attractions. If you are a business headquartered in Cook County, consider baseball-themed Chicago promotional products to appeal to the city’s die-hard Cubs fans or cold weather apparel, like sweaters, beanies, and gloves, to ensure that end users are appropriately dressed during the area’s frigid, long winters. Imprinted ice scrapers are certain to come in handy, too, as Chicago dwellers take to the roads in inclement weather.

The second most populous city in the Midwest is Indianapolis, Indiana. Indianapolis is a bustling metropolis located in the exact center of Indiana. Although most people are familiar with the city because it is home to the annual Indianapolis 500 automobile race, Indianapolis is a rapidly growing industrial hub, easily accessible from other midwestern cities like Chicago, Cleveland, Columbus, Detroit, and St. Louis via a web of several inter-state highways. Indianapolis promotional products like branded race cars or bumper stickers tie together nicely with the city’s obsession with car racing, or think about crafting marketing campaigns which relate to each of Marion County’s six historic districts. Assorted entertainment options, restaurants, and nightspots are unique to each district, such as the Indianapolis Zoo in Canal and White River State Park.

Next, let’s discuss Columbus promotional products. Founded in 1812, Ohio’s capital city pays homage to its namesake, Christopher Columbus, in a number of ways. In fact, a replica of the Santa Maria resides on the banks of the downtown riverfront to remind residents and visitors of Columbus, Ohio of its rich history. During the summer months, outdoor festivals occur often, including the Jazz and Ribs Festival and Ohio State Fair, and fall in Columbus means the beginning of football season, giving businesses and schools ample reason to invest in Columbus promotional products and spirit accessories. Additionally, Columbus is a national leader in healthcare and scientific research. Promotional items like hand sanitizers, medical badges and clipboards, or first aid kits are fantastic ideas to capture the attention of researchers, doctors, and medical workers in this city.

Like Indianapolis, Ohio’s fourth most populous city has close ties to the automotive industry. Detroit is home to General Motors, Fort Motor Company, and Chrysler, among a slew of other Fortune 500 companies. Auto related Detroit promotional products, such as key chains, bumper stickers, and auto emergency kits are ideal for dwellers of this Midwestern hot spot. Gambling is also popular in Detroit, as the first luxury casino resort to exist outside of Las Vegas, the MGM Grand Detroit, was constructed in the city’s downtown area. Creative promotions to play on the popularity of gambling in Detroit include scratch-off cards, dice stress relievers, and even poker sets.

Kansas City is another fast-growing city located in the Midwest. From renowned history museums to jazz clubs and restaurants, Kansas City boasts an eclectic mix of activities for people of all ages. Kansas City jazz, which arose during the 1930s, draws heavily from the Blues genre. Whether your business decides to incorporate musical influences or historical treasures into your Kansas City promotional products, we predict that they will be met with warm reception.

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