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Employee Welcome Kits: 5 Proven Ideas

Employee Welcome Kits: 5 Proven Ideas

There’s a ton of information and training that new hires learn on the first day at a new job. When new employees are set to start at your company, a great way to establish rapport is with a new employee welcome kit youtube videos downloaden als video. Present the newest members of your organization with a special box of company-branded merchandise to say “Welcome, we’re glad you’re here.”

Businesses benefit from welcome kits in their onboarding process magenta tv aufnahmen herunterladen. These kits may contain items that increase employee engagement, outline employee expectations, give insight into the company culture, and help new employees get started right away in their new roles. 

You can make a personalized new employee welcome kit with any budget at Pinnacle Promotions new whatsapp emojis. From high-end promotional items to the simplest of gifts, a kit of coordinated products can make a lasting impression on your new hires. 

The Purpose of an Employee Welcome Kit

An employee welcome kit has distinct advantages:

    • Employee engagement
    • Insight into the company’s culture
    • Promotional products that support the job

When members of an organization are happier at their jobs, employee engagement is at a high herunterladen. Giving promotional gifts is a kind gesture that can drive contribution to the goals and successes of the company. A welcome kit shows new hires that the company is committed to employee engagement, which can provide insight into the company culture and organizational advocacy among employees. 

Items such as pens, notebooks, and desk calendars can help new employees get started on their job duties right away sketchup pro kostenlos deutsch. Consider adding new-hire resources and documentation into your onboarding welcome kit, such as a welcome letter from the team, a supervisor, or president as well as an FAQ flyer regarding important office information your new hires need to know. 

5 Proven Ideas to Create a New Employee Welcome Kit: 

A kit of goodies is a great introduction to your company dlc file. There’s a variety of products to choose from to help make your kit a hit with the new hires. Below we have five proven product ideas to include in your new employee welcome kit that will make them feel like part of the team:

Idea #1: Unique Gifts 

Onboarding new hires with unique promotional items and gifts show that your organization thinks outside of the box yahoo mailen. Quirky, fun items will make your new employees smile – view our hand-picked favorites, here herunterladen. You’ll be glad you did and your new employees, appreciative. 

Idea #2: Office Essentials

Office essentials not only help new employees set up their space, but it can also help them dive into their job responsibilities more quickly google chrome auf deutsch herunterladen. Supplying new hires with a planner, branded pens, and sticky notes can help them learn the role, with effective note-taking during their onboarding training classes. 

Idea #3: Apparel

Employees enjoy receiving branded apparel to wear around the office and at company events, but they tend to wear their favorites outside the office herunterladen. Custom apparel comes in many forms, including polo shirts, button-down shirts, outerwear, and even uniforms. Giving apparel is an excellent way to say “welcome” to new employees. 

Idea #4: Industry-Focused Gifts

Create a greater connection with your new employees by gifting branded items that are specific to your industry. Think of industry-focused items that they can use throughout the day. Something that will help them do their job well is a must! 

Educators and healthcare workers might appreciate a lanyard to hold their ID badge, whereas baseball caps and all-weather jackets might be beneficial for those who work in the elements. This will be seen as a kind gesture, allowing them to work more efficiently once they’ve settled in. 

Idea #5: Wellness Gifts

Gifts that promote health and wellness show that your organization cares about the wellbeing of its employees. Heavy workloads oftentimes create stress, and an outlet where you can reduce stress can do a world of good for employee welfare. Items like a stress ball, fitness tote bag, and a water bottle can encourage a healthy lifestyle and work-life balance. 

How to Create a New Employee Welcome Kit for Your Company

Sure, you can do it yourself. Though finding all the right items that make up the contents of your kit can be a lot of work, too. 

Here at Pinnacle Promotions, let us take care of the work for you. Our merchandise experts will help you find the perfect products to add. We’ll work our magic and put together a unique onboarding kit just for you. 

Let us handle putting the boxes together as well as the packing and shipping. You’ll love the efficiency and product consistency across your organization. To learn more about our creative ideas and promotional marketing concepts, check out the Pinnacle Promotions blog

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3 Keys to Social Selling with Promotional Products

3 Keys to Social Selling with Promotional Products

Our recent Pinnacle Promotions Atlanta Idea Expo ’14 was a huge success! We invited area customers and prospects to join us for the day to take advantage of promotional samples and a chance to meet with vendors herunterladen. We hosted several educational seminars. And, we invited our guests to sit down with us for lunch provided by local fav Cue herunterladen. One of the educational seminars focused on the idea that you can use social media to connect, sell and reward your customers using promotional products schwerbehindertenausweis herunterladen.


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The Fuller Brush Man’s Necessities

fullerThe Fuller Brush salesman is a legend in the outside sales community herunterladen. The Fuller Brush man was the original traveling salesman. He went door-to-door, cold calling from city to city, state to state across the country. Movies have been made about him, from The Fuller Brush Man to Planes, Trains, and Automobiles herunterladen. He is a part of pop culture, and the ideal that salespeople strive to be. pta

While the Fuller Brush man-model has changed over the years, the role of the “traveling” or outside salesperson still exists fotosen van iphone naar mac. Whether a local person or across states or countries, the role of the salesperson has changed over the decades but there are some business essentials that every outside salesperson needs wie kann ich mir filme downloaden.

See if you agree with our list:

bcinfoBusiness Cards: A must for any salesperson, inside or out windows live mail 2012 kostenlos downloaden. You can order online, or even print your own these days. Business cards are also moving out of the traditional-size mold and branching out into more creative shapes and designs bei amazon gekaufte musik herunterladen.

businesscardholderBusiness Card Holders: Pull your business card from this classy double-compartment holder herunterladen.

luggagehandletagLuggage Tag: This Luggage Tag and Luggage Handle Wrap combo make life easier for the seasoned traveler flugsimulator app kostenlos downloaden!

backpackMessenger Bag: This elleven™ Checkpoint-Friendly Computer Personalized Backpack is perfect for car or air travel o2 rechnung herunterladen.

carbeadsSeat beads: A must-have for the salesperson who spends most of their life in the car wie kann ich musik von youtube herunterladen als mp3!

Good Shoes: Enough said.

ndsmSleep Mask: This Napoleon Dynamite sleep mask will keep other flyers from bothering you because they know you mean business.

A Good Book: Goodreads will help you find your next good book, and tell you what your friends are reading, too!

swankytizerHand Sanitizer: This Pen/Sanitizer combo is one of our favorites!

popperGiveaway: What a better way to make the right impression than to give your clients and potential customers something to remember you by. And if you can make them smile in the process, even better! Our clients loved their poppers! VIDEO

Stress-headache Medication: And lastly, do not leave home without relief for those long travel days, weather delays, or cancellations!

To be successful, you must always be prepared. So, make sure you don’t leave the office without these sales necessities!

Check out our Pinterest Board!

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Promotional Product Hacks to Save Your Trade Show

Promotional Product Hacks to Save Your Tradeshow

We know how difficult it is to plan, prepare, and execute a trade show and that you’re looking for tips and tricks to make it easier herunterladen. Storage is in short supply at trade shows. So, how can you make the most of it? We suggest doubling up the uses of your promotional items so that you don’t have to remember quite so many things programm zum downloaden von musik. Some people call these hacks. We call them “imaginative repurposing.”

1. W-DS_500
Silicone wristbands make handy rubber bands when you’re overwhelmed with loose pens or pencils and short on bundling methods whatsapp for blackberry for free german. Not only are these handy customized wristbands going to be utilized over and over by tradeshow attendees (because you just gave them a new idea) but will also allow you to be organized at the same time kostenlos musik fürs handy herunterladen.

Reduce the number of office supplies that you need to take by leveraging your promotional items for your booth staff badoo kostenlos herunterladen. These will be handy for your staff to jot down notes to hand to attendees. Branding and personal contact reminder all rolled up in one.

3 texteditor herunterladen.Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 3.52.52 PM
Got a tablet or iPad to display but can’t get a new case or stand exciting music? Order the Leeds Windsor Reflections Promotional Jotters (Item 0550-66) and use it to double as a display stand.

Cups are a great tradeshow promotional item because they are likely to be used again; they have a long “shelf life.” However, cups use up a lot of space, but really most of it is just air herunterladen. So, how do you take advantage of this?
If you will be shipping your giveaway cups, use the cups for storage or stuff them full with other essentials that need to go to your trade show magenta cloud images. This will reduce the number of boxes that you would need to ship and reduces clutter at the actual booth.

5. hack
Many booths will use music to create the ambiance within the booth herunterladen. Think you need to take along extra speakers to be heard? Think again. If playing music from your phone, place your phone’s speaker inside one of those snazzy promotional cups to amplify the sound.

6.Screen shot 2014-01-09 at 3.50.47 PM
Traveling with fragile tradeshow items and need cushioning to pack your valuables in? Have you ever thought of using a 1/4’ mouse pad, imprinted with your logo to cushion your precious delivery? Mouse pads come in all shapes, sizes, and thicknesses and can be used not only to ensure your mouse works correctly, but can be used to take up extra space in the box and absorb any shock that your shipping boxes may incur.

So, when you get ready to pack up your trade show tables, displays, and promotional items, recall these tips to save space, time, energy, and keep you organized. Well, at least make you look smart by knowing the hacks.

Got any good hacks of your own? Let us know!

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Megan’s Product Pick of the Week: Scented Pens!

I see hundreds of pens a year. Some of them great, some not so great. I have become a little numb to the writing instrument category of promotional products follow download netflix mac. As a pen aficionado- I have my favorites and my go-to models when suggesting writing tools for various projects.

When the USA Snifty Pen came across my desk, I was brought back to my childhood palmen aus plastik 2 kostenlos herunterladen! My favorite markers were scented, I used them all the time! Do you remeber those? My favorite was the mint scented ones. The Snifty pen has ten different scents to choose from herunterladen! Each scent is actually infused into the rubber grip of the pen! Each of the pens scent color coordinates with the color accent grip and designer border wrap artwork atven. So fancy! And each pen is made in the USA! I am digging the Strawberry and Vanilla Cupcake models. Which one will be your favorite?

Check out the snifty pen and other out of the ordinary writing solutions here. 

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Gmail Nested Labels: Modern Era Desk Organizers?

Given the technologically savvy world in which we live, it’s no surprise that Google is continuing to revolutionize E-mail and thus the way in which Internet users communicate mahjong 3d free. Google first transformed Web mail with a thread system that combines conversations into one tab for easy viewing and organizational purposes. Now, Gmail is announcing Nested Labels, which allow users to create hierarchies within their inbox folders (folders are referred to as “Labels” in Google speak) ftb launcher. This new feature is ideal for Internet users who like to keep everything in its proper place; nested labels are like desk organizers for your inbox charts free.

Continue reading about Nested Labels

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National Craft Month Ideas and Promotional Items

rmkoskeDid you know March is National Craft Month brennprogramm für windows vista kostenlos downloaden? Now before you scoff at the mention of arts and crafts, a term you may think you have long out-grown, reflect for a moment on the enjoyment you derived from art projects during your childhood editor für mac herunterladen. I’m not talking about the required assignments from art class that left you (well, maybe that was just me, because of my lack of artistic talent!) disappointed because of a poor grade microsoft team downloaden. I’m talking about the popsicle stick log cabins and handprint turkeys that you worked on at home with friends and family. It would be impossible for me to ever relive the carefree hours I spent sitting at my kitchen table with watercolors and construction paper, but just writing this blog post is enough to make me add “coloring” to my list of things to do this weekend instagramm video herunterladen.

I think encouraging your business to participate in National Craft Month is a great way to help staff relieve stress and unleash their creativity age of empire kostenlos downloaden. You could even combine arts and crafts with a favorite philanthropy, such as volunteering at the children’s ward of a local hospital. Whether you decide to drop off handmade cards or artwork to the kids or spend time creating masterpieces with them, the thoughtful sentiment and bright, happy colors of the pieces are sure to bring smiles ernährungsplan kostenlos herunterladen. And although the driving force behind your volunteer work shouldn’t be the positive publicity, you could always leave the beneficiary’s of your kindness with art-related promotional products like promotional markers so that whenever they spend time coloring and drawing, the imprinted messages will remind them of their special relationship with your organization and the fun times they have shared with representatives of your brand whatsapp web photos.

In college, one of the clubs I was a part of used to make tissue paper flowers that we hand-delivered to a local children’s hospital; keep reading for instructions on how to do this simple Spring project…

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Mood-Sensing Promotional Products: What Will They Think of Next?

Leopard PrintReading Acree’s blog yesterday did make me a bit nostalgic about college life kostenlose wimmelbildspiele downloaden. My sadness did not last long, however, as a late afternoon brainstorming session with my coworkers left me giddy with excitement about all of the creative ideas that we hope to bring to fruition filmora for free. Today, as I write this blog, I am slightly overwhelmed by the blank document on my computer screen, but I am hopeful that after jotting down my thoughts and organizing them in a logical progression, anyone who stumbles upon this post will be left feeling satisfied and intrigued herunterladen.

The sheer number of emotions that we experience on an hourly, and even minute-by-minute, basis is mind-boggling. One of the downright coolest websites I have seen in a long time (other than Pinnacle Promotions, of course!) is, recommended to me by Pinnacle’s Relationship Manager, Natasha herunterladen. Trend Hunter garners over 9 million monthly views and claims to be “the world’s largest, most popular trend community”. With over 61,000 posted trends, this site is an incredible resource for anyone interested in innovative gadgets, concepts, and campaigns ls 17en.

But enough about Trend Hunter and onto the real inspiration behind today’s ramblings. My first paragraph with distinctive feelings bolded and underlined relates to a Trend Hunter slideshow called “34 Emotion-Based Innovations.” While I am not sure whether inventions like the TouchMan cellphone, which allows for visual sharing of emotions during phone conversations, will be met with widespread acceptance, there are some products on the list that may take the world by storm screenshot windows 7 herunterladen.

The LadyBag, designed by Canadian researchers, uses RFID technology to detect the contents of the purse- if it detects an absence of a certain item, a visual icon representing the missing item appears on the external LED display herunterladen. When every RFID-tagged item specified by the user is detected, a smiley face graphic shows up on the outside display. The LadyBag also determines the user’s emotional state via physical sensors, and visually depicts the emotions on the outside display as well herunterladen. I’m not sure how I feel about literally wearing my emotions, but the RFID detection technology would be useful, to say the least!

The mood pen, created by electronics powerhouse Philips, features sensors in its shaft to monitor the user’s heart rate, blood pressure, skin temperature and pressure kostenloses windows 10 herunterladen. The inks and shape of the writing tip adapt to the emotions detected, so written words will appear different depending on whether the writer is happy or sad videos downloaden wie geht das. The emotion-sensing technology could be turned off if the user decides not to put his or her feelings on display. My question is, if users are going to turn off that special feature, why wouldn’t they just opt for regular promotional pens?

The general public may not be ready for some of these innovations just yet, but it is fascinating to think about how emotion-detecting technology will affect communication channels and marketing. Someday in the future, will marketers be able to capture and analyze consumers’ emotional reactions to billboards, television commercials, and point of purchase displays? The examples in the slideshow seem to point to “yes,” but it will be exciting to observe the developments as they infiltrate mainstream outlets.
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Pinnacle Promotion’s Paperless Plan

Recycled Promotional Products

Here at Pinnacle, we’re going paperless mit cyberghost herunterladen! Like many offices throughout the world, paperwork is often printed, filed away and forgotten about for weeks at a time. To avoid this situation and do our part to save trees, Pinnacle is enacting eco-friendly initiatives, such as sending confirmations via e-mail herunterladen.

Whether you work in the promotional products industry or any other industry, you can make your office environment and marketing campaigns more environmentally friendly by following a few simple tips herunterladen. Send e-mail blasts, rather than direct mail that often winds up in the trash, to reduce your paper dependence. Or, distribute “green” promotional products as your corporate gift or tradeshow giveaway amazon prime video movies.

Pinnacle offers an entire line of promotional EarthSmart™ products made from natural, organic or recycled material that have a positive impact on the environment wie kann man streamsen. Since Pinnacle donates 1% of all sales from this line to 1% for the Planet, a network of more than 1,700 not-for-profit environmental organizations worldwide, you will be making a difference with every purchase herunterladen. So if you’re looking for promotional giveaways that employees, clients, and the environment will appreciate, be sure to customize one of EarthSmart™ products with your company name and logo phil collins kostenlos downloaden.

We love EarthSmart™ products so much, the marketing department even dressed up as them for Halloween (see picture above).

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Marketing, Muggles and How to Cast a Promotional Spell

Happy International Magic Month! In this day and age, what better manifestation of the word “magic” exists than the fictional book character Harry Potter and his bewitching peers garten spiele for free?

In 2003, due to the immense popularity of author J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series, the word “muggle” first appeared in the Oxford English Dictionary with the definition “a person without magical powers.” In the Harry Potter books, wizards consider themselves to be superior to muggles, but the fact of the matter is that potions and wizardry are not always the best solution to tough problems herunterladen.

At Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Harry and his friends often fall prey to clever marketing gimmicks targeted at young, green wizards herunterladen. If only they had been informed about the mesmerizing power encompassed by promotional products when properly utilized! Keep reading to find out which alternatives make the grade…

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