Gmail Nested Labels: Modern Era Desk Organizers?

Given the technologically savvy world in which we live, it’s no surprise that Google is continuing to revolutionize E-mail and thus the way in which Internet users communicate. Google first transformed Web mail with a thread system that combines conversations into one tab for easy viewing and organizational purposes. Now, Gmail is announcing Nested Labels, which allow users to create hierarchies within their inbox folders (folders are referred to as “Labels” in Google speak). This new feature is ideal for Internet users who like to keep everything in its proper place; nested labels are like desk organizers for your inbox.

Nested Labels are part of Gmail Labs, a sub-system of Gmail that allows loyal users to test new developments and provide feedback. To access the Labs, Gmail users need only to go into their settings and click on the tab entitled “Labs” and they will have full control over which features they would like to enable. Optional features include everything from having the ability to see a sneak peak of an E-mail in an inbox to Mail Goggles that require the user to correctly answer a series of multiplication and division problems before completing a message, thus ensuring they won’t regret anything they send. This feature may seem silly to some, yet there is a good chance that it will appeal to several of the more than 176 million people who use Gmail monthly. And, I’m guessing that the number of Google users will continue to grow due to the company’s innovational style and the fact that they take user feedback into consideration when making business decisions. That being said, test out the new labs and make your voice heard.

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