Living Promotional Products: Not Just For Those With Green Thumbs

With the summer weather being this gorgeous, who wouldn’t want to start a new outdoor hobby? For me at least, I am thinking gardening. I can just imagine the spectacular salad I will make with all of the fresh veggies I have grown myself!

Whether you already have a green thumb or if you are more like me, the girl who likes getting flowers but has never planted one herself, a promotional product like the Leeds Seasons Garden Tool Tote seems like a great investment to help encourage employees or clients to go outside and be active. This bag is stacked with everything any gardener needs: a trowel, cultivator, gardening gloves, pruner, and weed picker. The various pockets on the bag can hold just about anything – packets of seeds, plant markers (you don’t want to think you’re growing watermelons when it’s actually a pepper plant!), and maybe even a Slimline MP3 Player so that you can sing to your plants. I heard that music helps them grow…but if your voice is as horrible as mine you may want to look into getting something like the Hi-Fi Portable Speaker.

If gardening isn’t your thing, you can still provide a great gift for clients that will allow them to experience the joy of growing a plant. With the Grow Cup, all your recipients have to do is water the pot, but they still get to see the flowers bloom.

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Eww. Whoever’s thumb that is should probably get it looked at. It’s all green and swollen…
I know! Give them one of these!

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