Pinnacle Promotion’s Paperless Plan

Recycled Promotional Products

Here at Pinnacle, we’re going paperless! Like many offices throughout the world, paperwork is often printed, filed away and forgotten about for weeks at a time. To avoid this situation and do our part to save trees, Pinnacle is enacting eco-friendly initiatives, such as sending confirmations via e-mail.

Whether you work in the promotional products industry or any other industry, you can make your office environment and marketing campaigns more environmentally friendly by following a few simple tips. Send e-mail blasts, rather than direct mail that often winds up in the trash, to reduce your paper dependence. Or, distribute “green” promotional products as your corporate gift or tradeshow giveaway.

Pinnacle offers an entire line of promotional EarthSmart™ products made from natural, organic or recycled material that have a positive impact on the environment. Since Pinnacle donates 1% of all sales from this line to 1% for the Planet, a network of more than 1,700 not-for-profit environmental organizations worldwide, you will be making a difference with every purchase. So if you’re looking for promotional giveaways that employees, clients, and the environment will appreciate, be sure to customize one of EarthSmart™ products with your company name and logo.

We love EarthSmart™ products so much, the marketing department even dressed up as them for Halloween (see picture above).

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A finance company (I won’t say which one) where a friend of mine works just issued all its employees brand new BlackBerries so that they can *photograph* their expense receipts using their phones and therefore save paper.

Hmm. Perhaps realizing the capabilities of a *scanner* could have saved someone a lot of money…

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