Rubik’s Cube – More Than a Promotional Toy

Invented in 1974, the Rubik’s Cube (named for its Hungarian creator Erno Rubik) is considered to be the world’s best-selling toy with 350 million cubes sold worldwide as of January 2009. Custom printed with your company’s name and logo on one side, this little puzzle also makes a great promotional toy.

“The Space Invader” artist is now using Rubik’s Cubes to create his next masterpieces for a project entitled “Rubikcubism.” “The Space Invader” is a French street artist who started “invading” cities around the world in the 1990s, installing mosaics inspired by the arcade video game Space Invaders. The themes for his work have since expanded but his mosaic technique remains the same and the colored squares of the Rubik’s Cubes are the perfect mediums to mimic the pixilated style of the game’s graphics.

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